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2021 Conference Presentations

"Comprehensive Impact of Water Quality: Past Present and Future"

Conference Packet

Day 1 Panelist Speakers

Opening Session

Indigenous Perspectives on Water
Moderator: Boykin Witherspoon

Water Quality Effects on Humans, and Possible Solutions
Moderator: Sarge Green

Day 2 Panelist Speakers

Opening Session and Water Quantity and Quality Effects on Agriculture Panel
Moderator: Arlene Haffa

Water Quality Effects on the Environment
Moderator: Joel Shinneman

The Future of Water Quality and its Potential Risks
Moderator: Eileen Cashman


9,000 Years of Paleohydrological History Inferred Using Lacustrine Sediments from Maddox Lake, CA
Summary | Video

Assessing Greywater Systems, Greywater Quality Parameters, in Santa Clara County, California
Summary | Video

Assessment of the Water Quality Health of Martin Slough and Jacoby Creek in Humboldt County for Habitat Suitability for Salmonids
Summary | Poster | Video

Development of a Field-Applicable Water Disinfection System from Agricultural By-Products
Summary | Video

Evidence for a Large Middle Holocene Flood Event in the Pacific Southwestern United States (Lake Elsinore, California)
Summary | Video

Evolving Headwater Stream Resiliency: Modeling Surface Water Trends Across the San Bernardino National Forest to Support Sustainable Water Resources Management
Summary | Poster | Video

Microplastics Removal in Water using Coagulation and Flocculation
Summary | Video

Reliability of Large Rainwater Tanks in Semi-Arid Climate
Summary | Video

Toxic Water Emissions and Economic Growth: A County Level Analysis of the United States
Summary | Poster | Video

Water Quality Monitoring to Assess the Effectiveness of Restoration Activities in the Salmon Creek Watershed
Summary | Poster |

Younger Dryas to Early Holocene (12.9 and 8.1 ka) Limnological and Hydrological Change at Barley Lake, California (Northern California Coast Range)
Summary | Video

2019 Conference Presentations

“Balancing California Water Management for Sustainability”

Conference Booklet


Conference Photos

Sustainable Water Infrastructure; The Oroville Spillway Construction Overview; John Yarbrough, Department of Water Resources

Tackling Technical and Policy Aspects of Groundwater Sustainability in Butte County Subbasins; Christina Buck, Butte County Water and Resource Conservation

Agricultural Water Transfers in Northern California and Implications for Sustainable Management of Groundwater Storage; Steffen Mehl, Chico State

Evaluating and Enhancing Groundwater Recharge in the Sacramento Area; Amelia Vankeuren, Sacramento State

A Sustainable Water Future for California: Communicating to the Public Media; Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Bowles, Water Education Foundation

Policy Priorities for California’s Water Management; Alvar Escriva-Bou, Public Policy Institute of California

Addressing Aging Infrastructure by Improving Drinking Water Distribution and Sewer Collection Systems in Portola, CA; Pablo K. Cornejo, Chico State

CAPTURE Guidance for Schools, California Practices to use Runoff Effectively; Brian Currier, Sacramento State

Camp Fire - Lessons Learned and Success Stories; Calli-Jane DeAnda, Butte County Fire Safe Council

The Effects of Fire Retardants in Mediterranean Aquatic Ecosystems; Jamie Kneitel, Sacramento State

Burning for Salmon; Don Hankins, Chico State

Characterizing Watershed Contamination Following the Camp Fire; Jackson Webster, Chico State

Getting Funded by the CSU Agriculture Research Institute; David Still, Director of the CSU Agricultural Research Institute

Student Posters:

Groundwater Su​stainability

Modeling Low Impact Development (LID) Stormwater Facilities in an Urban Retrofit Scenario: A Case Study at Davis Manor, John Hetzel, Staff/Graduate Student, Stanislaus State

Improving Water Management through Managed Aquifer Recharge Using Agricultural Canals, James Norris, Graduate Student, Chico State

Using Stable Isotopes to Determine Water Sources in San Diego County’s Dry Season Flows, Hannah Carney, Undergraduate Student, San Diego State University

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Assessments in Santa Clara County, CA: an In-situ Analysis of Select Bioretention Projects, Laura Bates, Graduate Student, San Jose State University

Autonomous Air Quality and Water Vapor Density Detection Via QuadcopterSurface Water Quality of Waterman Creek. A Headwater Tributary of the Upper Santa Ana River Basin, Doney Peters, Undergraduate Student, CSU Bakersfield

Policy Institutional Research

Rainwater Harvesting at California State University Long Beach, Marvie Baconawa, Undergraduate Student, Cal State Long Beach

Assessing Cost Feasibility of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Portola, California, Uriel Dominguez, Andres Ramirez, Aurora Diaz; Undergraduate Students, Chico State

Adapting Los Angeles Water Management for the 21st Century, Erik Porse, Staff, Sacramento State

Development and Application of the California Groundwater Risk Index, Khalil Lezzaik, Staff, Sacramento State

2018 Conference Presentations

"Changing the Path of Waterways: The Unforeseen Consequences"

Conference Booklet


Conference Photos

Breaking Point Video Presentation

Breaking Point Video Trailer

CSU Faculty Presentations

Conference 2018- WRI; Suzie Earp

Establishing Environmental Flows for California Streams; Eric Stein- Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

CVWD Drinking Water Consolidation Projects- An Overview of Current Activities and Challenges

Changing Waterways; Stuart Strum-Water Resources Planner

A Very Brief History of the Salton Sea;Suzie Earp- WRI Archivist

Setting Flow Targets to Maintain Ecological Health in the Face of Flow Alteration; Rafael Mazor- Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Temperance Flat and Proposition 1 Funding; Sarge Green- Interim Director- California Water Institute

Historic Steps to Revitalize the Salton Sea; Phil Rosentrater- Salton Sea Authority

The Impacts of Changing Waterways on Individuals Experiencing Homelessness; Regina Guerre- CSUSB Student

Student Posters

Investigations of Carbon and Water Fluxes in a Sierra Nevada Meadow

Bioretention Cells: A Way to Improve Storm Water Quality and a Solution for Flood Prevention

An Evaluation of Bacterial Pesticide Reduction Capabilities Facilitated by Wood Chip Bioreactors

Influence of Temperature on Denitrification of Mesophilic Bacterial Communities In Woodchip Bioreactors

Nitrate in California Groundwater Isotopic Composition and Spatial Denitrification Trends

Multi-Tracer Characterization of Wildcat Creek in the Berkley Hills

2017 Conference Presentations

"Water Management in a Changing Climate"

Conference Booklet


Conference Photos

Dry Run Video Presentation

Run Dry (videos), Kristine Diekman

Climate Change

California Water: What Can We See From Space?, Michael Gunson

Atmospheric Rivers and the Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operations Concept, Marty Ralph

The U.S. Climate Explorer: Increasing Access to Climate Data for Climate Resilience Planning, Forrest Melton

Water Management

Turbulence and Leadership in California's Dynamic Hydrology, Jennifer Morales

Water Supply Portfolio Expansion through Advanced Water Treatment, Saied Delagah

Water Management in a Changing Climate: Recycling and Reuse, Hossein Ashktorab

CSU Faculty Presentations

Climate Change Effects on Recharge in Headwater Catchments, Jean E. Moran

Capturing Storm Water in Semi-arid Climate, Rebeka Sultana and Nathan Summerville

Decentralized Renewable Off-grid Water Treatment (DROWT), Ali Sharbat

Retrofitting Sacramento State Campus with Low Impact Development Stormwater Control Measure: A Local Project with Regional Intent, Kevin Murphy and Joel Shinneman

ARI Funding Opportunities at the Water/Agricultural Interface, David Still

State Water Board DAC Grants Update, Boykin Witherspoon, Roger Shintaku, and Debbie Whaley

Student Posters

Evaluation Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels in Sediments Deposited in the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Anais Bucio, Jordan DeSilva, Micah Glim, Maya Hoholick, Kevin Locke, Judy Mei, Mimi Peterson, Ashleen Rai, Shawnee Reynoso, Emily Rosa, Pechsamnang San, Jessica Swenson, Jackie Guilford

Post-Soberanes Fire Water Quality Monitoring of the Big Sur and Carmel River Watersheds, Mikaela Bogdan and John Silveus

Measuring Streamflow with Engineered Structures in Oakland's Sausal Creek Watershed, Daniella Cazares

Landscape Water Use Modeling for California State University Campuses, Nikolas Adler and Danielle De Mello

2016 Conference Presentations

"Big Water Projects, Innovation, and the New Reality"


Conference Booklet

Conference Photos

State Water Projects

Salton Sea Management Program, Kent Nelson

Protecting the Delta as Place: Levees, Human History, Fish, and Public Policy

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Retrieving History and Building Public Support for a Threatened Region, Philip Garone

Protecting the Delta as Place, Blake Roberts

The Levee Project, Horacio Ferriz and Stacey Galbreath

Challenges to the San Joaquin River Restoration Program in Times of Drought, Steve Blumenshine and Taylor Spaulding

Industry/Agency and Innovation

Real-time Water Quality Data Driving Smart Decisions, Rick Bacon

ABR Process Development, Derek Stephens

Non-Revenue Water or Wasted Money & Water?, Andrew Yeghnazar

Integrating Storm Water Practice with Coastal Restoration, Steve Gruber

Drought and Climate Change

Campus Evapotranspiration Modeling Compared to Actual Water Consumption, Boykin Witherspoon

Campus Water Management in a Changing Climate, Kyle Mann

Managing Water During Times of Drought, Tanisha-Jean Martin

CSU Faculty Presentations

The Great Crisis: The Climatic and Political Dimensions of the 1058-1072CE Famine in Medieval Cairo, Rachel Howes

Using Biological Indicators to Assess Water Quality of Freshwater Streams, Dessie Underwood

Water Sales During Droughts: Evidence from Farm-Level Data in California, Anita M. Chaudhry

Gray Water Reuse in Sustainable Urban Agriculture, Maryam Shafhi

Field Trip Presentation

NSF Proposal Writing Strategies

Student Posters

Carmel River Reroute and San Clemente Dam Removal Monitoring Update, Chow K, Luna L, Smith D, MacCarter L, Fields J

Combating Global Water Poverty, Steven Kerns

Development of a Hybrid Anaerobic Digestion-Microbial Fuel Cell System for Trating Winery Wastewater, Gabriel Sacher, John Kozlowski, Elianna Sternfeld, David W. Simpson, Igor Goryanin, Michael Cohen

Geophysical Investigation of Flood Control Levees in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Estuary, CA, Horacio Ferriz, Resham Sandu, Ashley Loogman, Stacey Galbreath

Treatment of Produced Water Using Chemical Coagulation + Flotation and Electro-Oxidation, Marcoantonio Salazar, Jay Lasater, Juan Esquivel, Fernando Ceja, Kenny Berlett, An Shi, Nick Eckleberry, Luis Cabrales

Wastewater Treatment for Irrigation Purposes Using Electrochemical Coagulation, Jenna Bunag, Sergio O. Pinedo, Catalina Rivera, Gilbert Esparza, Dr. Luis Cabrales, Nick Eckelberry, An Shi

2015 Conference Presentations

“Three Years into the Drought: Assessing California’s Agriculture"

Conference Agenda

Conference Program

Conference Photos

CSU Faculty Presentations

Application of Microbial Fuel Cells for Recycling Distillery and Winery Wastewaters, Michael Cohen

Water Transfers from Agriculture: Estimating the Impact of Foregone Production and Aquifer Decline in Northern California, Eric Houk, Steffen Mehl

A Primary Look at Regional Water Use and Residential Water Consumption in the California San Joaquin Valley, Chih-Hao Wang

Drought Study Photographs, Neil Chowdhury

Impact of Drought on the Central Valley's Agriculture and Energy Usage, Fayzul Pasha

Water Wise Farming: San Diego Case Study, Valerie J. Mellano

Switching to Almonds- Jes Therkelsen

East Porterville- Jes Therkelsen

Agency Presentations

Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Chuck Gardner

Bay Delta Panel Presentation, James Beck

California's Bay-Delta, Curt Schmutte

Guest Speaker

Charles Fishman


Effects On Watershed Function With Changes In Plant Functional Groups Across Impaired Watersheds On The Angeles National ForestRoxana Coreas, Jose Gonzalez, Whitney Collinsworth, and Jennifer Hooper

Landscape Genetic Analysis and Population Structure of Three Sympatric Amphibians in Managed Redwood Forest of Northwestern CaliforniaCindy Castaneda and Dr. Andres Aguilar

Development of a Mass Balance Model – Case StudyJurancco Liao and Fayzul Pasha

Los Angeles Water Resources: Monitoring Streamflow Regimes using NASA Sensor Data to Aid Classification-Based Decision Making for Stream water Management in Los Angeles County, Gwen Miller, Rosemary Wrigley, Montana Marshall, Claudia Knudson

Student Presentation

Water Audit at California State University, Bakersfield, Gurleen Kaur, Lilian Rubi

2014 Conference Presentations

"Water resiliency: an integrated approach from the top of the watershed to the tap and beyond”

Conference Agenda

Conference Program

Conference Photos

Keynote Address

Delivering Water Supply in the 21st Century: Water Utility Trends and Challenges, Ed Means, Means Consulting LLC

CSU Faculty Presentations

To San Diego's Tap: Water Wars and the Life and Death of the Salton Sea, Richard Gersberg, San Diego State University

Crop Productivity Indexing Tool Using ArcGIS,Shiko Njuno, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Agency Presentations

Direct Potable Reuse: Current Projects and Activities, George Tchobanoglous, Professor Emeritus UC Davis

Integrated Regional Water Plans and Disadvantaged Communities, Bridging the Gap, Lance Eckhart, Mojave Water Agency

California Water - Managing Under an Uncertain Future, Rich Juricich and Lewis Moeller, Department of Water Resources


Annual Impact of Climate Change in Upper Merced Basin, CA,Rebeka Sultana and Molan Choi

Big Tujunga Canyo​n Restoration Project,Lauren Zameito, E. Belden, and Kevin O'Donnell

California Basin Plan Mapping Project,Sabrina Esquivel, Danielle Bram, and Joel Osuna

Connecting Professional Practice and Education through a Civil Engineering Capstone: Mud Flow Barrier

Developing Crop Coefficients for Processing Tomatoes under Subsurface Drip Irrigation,Bardia Dehghanmanshadi, Florence Cassel, and Dave Goorahoo

Elkhorn Sl​ough Estuary 2013 Water Quality Report Card,Laura Mercado

Estab​​lishing Whodunit: Application of Molecular Markers for Fecal Source Tracking,Dipali Vasadia, Mami Kainuma and Spring 2014 BIOL 338 class, Supervisor: Michael Cohen

Influence of Nutrient Levels onEnterococcusspp.'s Growth at the Inner Cabrillo Beach, Port of Los Angeles,Michael Becerra, Vivian Tang, Andrew Jirik, and Pitiporn Asvapathanagul

Nitrogen Effects on Mycorrhizae Colonization in a California Native Grass and Invasive Grass,Rari Marks and Erin Questad

Phosphorus Removal in Bioretention with Engineered Soils for Safe and Sustainable Water,Clint Gregory

Remote Sensing Reveals Limited High Water Refugia for the Endangered Central California Coho Salmon,Adam H. Fleenor

Removal of Arsenic from Water Under Static-state Conditions,Jordan Finneseth and Robert N. Phalen

Sawpit Debris Dam Seismic Rehabilitation Project,Karina Estrada and Flor Hernandez

Thermal and Oxygen Dynamics at Four Urban Water Supply Reservoirs,Raymond Lee and Trent Biggs

Tijuana Historical Ecology Project Hist​​orical GLO Surveys,Marianne Jara

Underground Sources of Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley,Stephen Anderson, Joshua Meyer, David Kong, and Janice Gillespie

Volfe Watershed Rainfall/Run off in Southern California,Sandra Jimenez

2013 Conference Presentations

Conference Agenda

Conference Program

Conference Photos

Panel 1

Fields of Green: Integrated Planning, Seema Shah-Fairbank, Pomona

Water Conservation Auditing, Michael Lee, East Bay

Campus Stormwater Reuse and Management, Eileen M. Cashman, Humboldt

Capital Planning, Design and Construction, Len Pettis, Chancellors Office

Keynote Address

Where Do Engineers Fit into the Water Equation?, Michael R. Markus, Orange County District

Panel 2

Los Angeles River Revitalization: The Challenges of the Arroyo Seco Confluence, Meredith McKenzie, Pomona

Toward a Sierran Stream Discharge Forecast Based on Tulare Lake-Level Reconstruction,Rob Negrini, Bakersfield

The Role of Humboldt State University's Environment Resource Engineering Department in Developing and Infusing into Application A Low Cost Natural Wasterwater Treatment-Constructed Wetland, Robert Gearhheart, Humboldt

WRPI Internships, Faculty Release, and Grant Submissions, Boykin Witherspoon, San Bernardino


Discovering potential nutraceuticals in drought and salt tolerant pomegranates grown with poor quality water in Central CA- Tiziana Centofanti, Gary Bañuelos, Annabel Rodriguez, Teagan Zoldoske, Irvin Arroyo, Maribel Viveros, & Anna Allen

Removal of Arsenic from Contaminated Ground Water using a Nicaraguan Ceramic Filter- Michelle M. Saltis and Robert N. Phalen

RVR Meander to Assess Snowslide Canyon Creek- Richard Alcala, & Seema Shah-Fairbank

Groundwater-surface water interaction in Martis Valley- Elizabeth DeRubeis, Richard Bibby, Bradley Esser, & Jean Moran

Automation of Surface Renewal based micro-met systems to evaluate crop Evaporation(ET)- My Dang, Diganta Adhikari, & Patrick Barnes

Ecological Restoration Monitoring and Mapping- Ingrid Williams

Thermal and Oxygen Dynamics in Four Drinking Water Reservoirs- Raymond Lee, & Trent Biggs

Nitrate removal, flow paths, and N2O emissions in two denitrifying woodchip bioreactors: Mitigating agricultural nutrient loads in the Salinas Valley, CA- Christina David

Martis Valley Groundwater Recharge- Daniel Segal, Jean Moran, Ate Visser, Brad Esser, & Mike Singleton

Analyzing Microbial Populations in Woodchip Bioreactors- Samayyah Williams, & Monica Palomo

Hydro-Geomorphic Characteristics of the Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Merced Watersheds- Aldo Garcia, Oleta Piecuch, Michael Machado, Josh Buchanan, Augustine Avwundiogoba, & Peggy Hauselt

Sierran stream discharge forecasting based on Tulare Lake-level reconstructions- Ashleigh Blunt, Logan Prosser, Kelsey Padilla, Robert Negrini, Lindsey Medina, Kathy Randall, Emmanuel Garcia, James Wilson, John Wilson, Cristina Reyes, Martin Jimenez, Peter Wigand, Ken Adams, & Susan Zimmerman

Characterization of Urban Runoff Water Treatment Ponds in San Dieguito River Park- Shelly Lawrence, Elayna Flanders

Effect of Irrigation, Surfactant and Fertilizer Rates on Nitrate and Chlorophyll Content in Tomato Leaves - Janet Robeles, Navreet K. Mahal, Prasad Yadavali, Dave Goorahoo, & Florence Cassel S.

Evaluation of Suitable Juvenile Steelhead Trout Habitat in the Carmel River Lagoon- Julianne Rhodes

Developing Crop Coefficients for Processing Tomatoes under Subsurface Drip Irrigation- Bardia Dehghanmanshadi, Florence Cassel S., & Dave Goorahoo

Investigating the Toxicity of Silver Ions to Chronically Exposed Nitrifying Bacteria- Issa El Haddad, Kevin Csupak, & Tyler S. Radniecki

Monitoring a toxic cyanbacterial bloom in a shallow, hypereutrophhic lake on California's Central Coast- Scott Blanco, Aparna Sreenivasan, & Marc Los Huertos

Conservation and Management of the Santa Ana River Watershed; Estimating Genetic Diversity of the Santa Ana Speckled Dace- Stacey A. Nerkowski, Liana R. Greaver, Pia VanMeter, Jay VanMeter, & Anthony E. Metcalf

2012 Conference Presentations

Conference Program

Update and Overview

CSU Faculty Panel (A) Presentation

Rob Negrini(Bakersfield),Doug Smith(Monterey Bay),Jeff Thompson(San Bernardino)

CSU Faculty Panel (B) Presentation

Jean Moran(East Bay),Matt Rahn(San Diego),Juneseok Lee(San Jose)

AB 20 Update

Sue DeRosa(Sponsored Program Administration-Office of the Chancellor)

Student Posters

Effect of Organic and UAN-32 Fertilization on Bok Choy and Soil Properties

Yield, Fruit Quality and Plant Nutrition of Tomatoes Subjected to Elevated Carbon Dioxide

Effect of Irrigation, Surfactant and Fertilizer Rates on Chlorophyll Content in Tomato Leaves

Modeling Nitrous Oxide Emissions from California Cropping Systems

2011 Conference Presentations

Conference Agenda

Conference Overview

Delta Issue Panel

Jeff Mount, UC Davis Center for Watershed Science

Richard Atwater, Southern California Water Committee

Leo Winternitz, CA Nature Conservancy

DWR Master Contract

COAST Affinity Group

WRCA Update

Water Quality Issues in Disadvantaged Communities

Karl Longley, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

Greg Gearheart, State Water Resources Control Board

Rafael Maestu, State Water Resources Control Board

Karen McBride, Rural Community Assistance Corp.

SBX 7-7 Panel (Urban 20/20 plan and Ag SBX7)

Manucher Alemi, Department of Water Resources

Chris Brown, CA Urban Water Conservation Council

Mike Wade, Ag Water Management Council

Careers in Water Panel

Virginia Grebbien, Parsons Water & Infrastructure, Inc. (PDF) A.G. Kawamura, Former Secretary CDFA/Grower

2010 Conference Presentations

Conference Materials

Conference Update and Overview

Greetings from Congressman Jim Costa (Video)

Mark Cowin, Director, California Department of Water Resources

CSU/Agency Partnership: A case study - Ramzi Mohmood

Breakout Session Notes

NSF Proposal

Water Quality

Water Policy

Fish and Wildlife/Environment

2009 Conference Presentations

List of Attendees

Conference Overview

Delta Water Supply - Tim Quinn

Groundwater - Andrew Stone

FRESCA Presentation

Draft Charter Document - CSU WRPI Business Meeting

Small Group Sessions