Student Group

Announcing SOURCE: A Student Group by CSU-WATER
Student Outreach Unit for Research & Career Education

Water issues in California are complex and require insights from many entities including developing and future water professionals, like YOU.

Join an inaugural group of graduate and undergraduate students involved in research from across the CSU campuses established to create a networking community for discussing professional development, research, and issues, such as regional water quality and supply. In addition to group discussions, meetings will include guest speakers working at the forefront of these issues in academia, government, and industry.

Benefits of joining:

  • Connecting students with opportunities in industry, communities, water agencies, and
  • research institutions.
  • Meet guest speakers from industry/research to cover career advice and guidance.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring meetings/exchanges.
  • Leadership opportunities; ‘Student Lead’ from each participating campus.
  • Find out about employment and research opportunities.
  • Build an alumni network aimed at connecting current and future CSU students.
  • CSU-WATER research grant or grant facilitation to aid with student research costs.
  • Visit different CSU campuses to network and open opportunities.
  • Attend the annual CSU-WATER conference and present your work.
  • Participate in local excursions (local hike, dinner, trivia event).

What the members will do:

  • Attend quarterly or monthly zoom meetings to discuss current water events in California
  • Work with CSU-WATER and water agency partners on community education materials.
  • Represent CSU-WATER on campus at career fairs (K-8, high school, community colleges,
  • and university level) to advertise graduate school and employment opportunities within
  • the CSU and with CSU-WATER industry partners respectively.



Steve Blumenshine, Executive Director 
Phone: (559) 278-8770