Annual Conference

2023 CSU-WATER Conference on April 13 & 14, 2023, at CSU-Monterey Bay.

This year’s conference theme is Our WATER’s Future: Challenges and Next Steps. Presentations will cover topics such as water contaminants, water quality due to climate change, and social and environmental justice.  

The CSU-WATER Conference is for CSU faculty and students to come together to talk about our state’s most pressing water issues and present actionable steps to create a more resilient water future.  

Conference Booklet​

Poster Presentations

01 Comparing Measured and Predicted Phosphorus Levels in The

02 Development of A Smart Water Pre-Treatment System for Controlled

04 Production of Agricultural Water and Nutrients from Saline Water Sources

05 The De Aging of Water Resources in The Northern Sierra

06 Rethinking the Future of Dairy Wastewater at The Water Energy Nexus Steam

07 Agricultural Runoff in The San Joaquin Valley Creates Drinking Water Crisis for Socially Vulnerable Communities

08 Amending Fertilizers with Carbon Nanoparticles

09 Analysis of Water Quality Near Areas of Homeless Activity

10 Assessment of Water Resources for Southern California What's The Prospects for Communities

11 Cropmanage Application Supports Agricultural Water Resiliency in The Salinas Valley

12 Identification and Quantification Of ∙Oh Formation Potential in Constructed

13 Intergenerational Democracy for Sustainable Water Allocation

14 Investigating the Capabilities of Fluorescence Spectroscopy

16 Shallow Subsurface Artificial Groundwater Recharge (Ssagr)

17 The Impacts of Groundwater Pumping from The Cannabis Industry on Streamflow

19 Using Smart Meters to Improve the Management of Water Distribution System

20 Experiential Learning Through the Big Chico Creek Watershed Tour

21 Community Engaged Research Latinx Student Engagement in A Study of Water

Root Holes To Water Conduits Investigating Recharge Potential with Agricultural Management at The University Farm in Chico, Ca

Stage Presentations

A Numerical Model Analysis of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento San Joaquin Delta

Characterization of stormwater debris model

Evaluating the Relative Benefits of Water Reuse, Recycling, and Environmental Flows

Evapotranspiration Data for Water Management and Precision Agriculture

Future Groundwater Depletion May Exceed Long-Term Sustainability Goals set by SGMA in the Central Valley, California, USA (2020 –2070)

Identifying Areas at Risk from Sea Level Rise-Induced Groundwater Contamination in Coastal California

Introduction to the CA Water Boards & the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program

Is flood risk in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta increasing

Modeling the photochemical

Optimal Planning and Design of Seawater


Sediment Delivery to Freshwater Ecosystems Following Wildfire

Simulated leaching and photodegradation of tire tread particle-derived compounds in natural water

Testing and remediating lead concentrations in drinking water

Understanding Coastal Flooding in The San Francisco Bay Delta how Can Modelling Help

Water Markets and Drought Resilience post-SGMA

What is SCCWRP

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M1W and PWM Briefing and Tour

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