Campus Advisory Network

​ CSU-WATER, like other CSU Affinity Groups have faculty and staff from multiple CSU’s that provide direction as well as support to CSU-Water Leadership. Similar to an ExecutiveStrategic/Steering Committee or Council in their governance structure or Faculty Reps or Advisors at each campus, CSU-Water has an interim working group and campus reps.

Internal Working Group

Implementing the new goals and directions for CSU-WATER has and will greatly benefit from feedback of faculty leaders in the CSU during this interim period. Working group members continue to provide advice and opinions on how to best engage CSU students, faculty, administrators, and institutes on collaborations that mutually support our CSU-WATER goals.


Campus Reps

CSU-WATER Campus Representatives have been established to foster bilateral communication of CSU-WATER relevant information, opportunities, and goals to and from their campus community. A first order of business will be updating the ‘Campus Expert’ list that can be shared throughout the CSU as well as with external partners and stakeholders.


Not Pictured

Stephen Osborn, Pomona