Institutes & Programs

The 14th Annual Conference will be held on April 13 & 14 at CSU-Monterey Bay.

More information to come soon.

If your center is not listed please send an email to the CSU-WATER team.


California Energy Research Center
(661) 654-3281
Anthony Rathburn


Center for Water and the Environment
(530) 898-5205
Jennifer Rotnem

Dominguez Hills

Center for Urban Environmental Research (CUER)
(530) 898-5205
Jennifer Rotnem

The Entrepreneurial Institute
(310) 930-3094
Mike Grimshaw



River Institute
(707) 826-3438
Dr. Alison O'Dowd and Dr. William Trush

Schatz Energy Research Center
(707) 826-4345
Dr. Arne Jacobsen

Long Beach

Los Angeles

Center for Energy and Sustainability (CEaS)
(323) 343-5399 Arturo Pacheco-Vega

Monterey Bay

The Watershed Institute
(831) 582-3689
Laura Lee Lienk


Energy Research Center
(818) 677-2036
Kourosh Sedghisigarchi


Center for Turf, Irrigation and Landscape Technology
(909) 869-2085
Ramesh Kumar

T. Lyle Center
for Regenerative Studies

(909) 869-5155
Pablo La Roche

California Center for Land and Water Stewardship (CCLAWS)
Julianna Delgado, (909) 869-5427
Susan Mulley, (909) 869-6712


San Bernardino

San Diego

Watershed Science Institute (WSI)
 (619) 594-0902
Trent Biggs

San Francisco

San Luis Obispo

Center for Sustainability (CFS)
(805) 756-5086
Hunter Francis

Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC)
​ (805) 756-2434
Stuart W. Styles ​


Center for Environmental Inquiry

(707) 644-3416
Dr. Claudia Luke

The Watershed Academics To Enhance Regional Sustainability (WATERS Collaborative)
(707) 644-3416
Dr. Claudia Luke

Environmental Technology Center
(707) 664-2306

Climate Research Cen​ter
(707) 664-3834
Jose Javier Hernandez Ayala