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Media Arts Festival

CSU Summer Arts established the Media Arts Festival in 1991 to give talented students studying film, broadcasting, video, screenwriting, and new media within the 23-campus California State University system an opportunity to present their work for critical review. The mission of the MAF includes helping students of the CSU bridge the gap between student and working professional and to become better prepared to work in the entertainment and media industries.

A panel of distinguished faculty and industry leaders selects each year’s finalists and winners, and all finalist selections are screened at the festival. Cash prizes and the prestigious CSU Media Arts Festival Award are bestowed on award-winning works.

In 2022, the CSU Media Arts Festival had a wonderful opportunity to host an interview with recent Academy Award-winning documentarian Ben Proudfoot, director of The Queen of Basketball. View the interview on our YouTube channel: BEN PROUDFOOT INTERVIEW

Previous Awards



Hui Tan
Cal State Long Beach
Running Time: 8:50

Bad Child

Nicole Emilíana Mendez
San Diego State
Category:Documentary/ Creative Non-Fiction & Television News
Running Time: 13:43

How to Disappear

Ethan Garcia
San Diego State
Running Time: 11:16

Embraer E-175

Selina Madeira Dolscheid
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Category:Short Screenplay
Running Time: 1:12


“The Golden Gate”

Pietro Pinto
San Francisco State
Category: Narrative/Best in Show
Running Time: 15:35

“Felt Love”

Arlene Bongco, Celine Nguyen, Angeline Vu
San José State
Category: Animation
Running Time: 6:50

“Target Panic”

Madeleine Braun
Cal State Long Beach
Category: Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction
Running Time: 12:17

“Gireogi Appa”

So Youn Jeon
Cal State Long Beach
Category: Experimental
Running Time: 3:38

“Falling (in Love)”

Cathy Bui
Cal State Long Beach
Category: Promotional
Running Time: 1:23


Rosanne Liezl Lim Bitas
Category: Short Screenplay
Running Time: 00:44 / 14 pages

“¡Lo Que Está Trending! (What’s Trending!)”

Kimberly Cruz, Edwin Flores
Cal State Fullerton
Category: Television News
Running Time: 3:50