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As of 6/20/2023 this course has been cancelled. Please contact Joanne Sharp for further information.

Making Things Up: Object Performance and Contemporary Puppets


1: 6/26/2023 - 7/9/2023




Guest artists Dan Hurlin and Nephrii Amenii invite all types story makers to experience an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling. In this intensely creative class, artists are given permission to “not know” and to be open to play as a means of searching meaningfully for creative answers. We invite any who feel they don't have all the answers, and who desire to play and create stories, to join us as we practice the art of making things up!

Who Should Take This Class

Writers, Actors, Dancers, Directors, Storytellers. Prior experience or ability with puppets or object performance is not requ​ired.

Required Application Materials (please submit materials in a single document)

Personal Statement including information about yourself, your creative work, what kind of stories you like to share, what interests you about "making things up," and what you are curious about exploring with objects/puppets in this class?​

Course Coordinator

Nicola Olsen & Kristine Doiel
Nicola Olsen is a youth theatre educator, dramaturg, director, and arts and health scholar.  She holds a Ph.D. in Theater for Youth from Arizona State University.  She taught high school theatre for 18 years in Yuma, Arizona. Her arts and health research focuses on the intersection between theatre education and health promotion for students and teachers.  She endeavors to identify how high school theatre praxis can build community, enhance belonging, and invite students to flourish


Guest Artists

Nehprii Amenii

Nehprii Amenii is a Brooklyn-based director, playwright, production designer and puppeteer. Known for creating experiences that dismantle the wall between players and audiences, Amenii has worked with Bread & Puppet Theatre, Alvin Ailey, La Mama, The O'Neill, NY Philharmonic, and more. She is artistic director of Khunum Productions, a platform for creative anthropology.