The following documents include legislation, external evaluations and essays written by and about the California Academic Partnership Program:

  • What it Takes to Create an Effective Homework Center in Your School (2010)
    This 8-minute DVD and the accompanying pamphlet present simple, powerful strategies schools can implement to create successful Homework Centers and extend learning time for their students. (PDF, 1.25MB)
  • Tasha Comes Home (2010)
    This beautifully illustrated booklet is a continuation of Tasha's passage. Tasha Comes Home continues the journey of Tasha, a Yurok Indian, who finds success in both worlds. After graduating college she decides that teaching would provide her with a meaningful way to give back to her community. (PDF, 3.46MB)
  • Tasha Goes to University (2009)
    This beautifully illustrated booklet depicts the journey through secondary school and the first year of college for an American Indian student who is a member of the Yurok Tribe. (PDF, 3.46MB)
  • Stories from Schools (2009)
    A collection of case studies highlighting school improvement initiatives supported by the California Academic Partnership Program. Case studies are written by high school educators and educational partners who worked with underperforming urban and rural high schools in California. Each case study is accompanied by commentaries that offer an additional perspective on the story being told. (PDF, 2.72MB)
  • Program in America and California Exploration (PACE) (2009)
    This book, by PACE founder and former California Secretary of Education Gary Hart, is a chronicle of the development of the PACE program at Kennedy High School in Sacramento. It is a practical tool with lessons learned, and a guide for high school administrators, teacher leaders and parents who want to create college preparation programs. (PDF, 9.5MB)