The Governor's Teaching Fellowship

The Governor's Teaching Fellowship (GTF) program awarded $20,000 fellowships to approximately 1,200 prospective teachers between 2000 and 2002. The intent of the GTF program was to create a pool of credentialed teachers to teach in California's low-performing schools, as defined by the Academic Performance Index (API), which is no longer in effect. Per the GTF promissory note, Fellows would teach for four consecutive years or otherwise repay the equivalent annual dollar amount.

Due to the state's financial condition at the time, the GTF program was discontinued in 2002 and no further fellowships were awarded. The California State University Office of the Chancellor continues to track the status of GTF Fellows who still need to complete their fellowship obligation.

If You Were a Governor's Teaching Fellow

Fellows who wish to report qualifying employment should contact [email protected] to complete the necessary paperwork.

California is currently experiencing a teacher shortage. GTF Fellows are encouraged to visit the California State University's Teacher and Educator Preparation website for information regarding employment opportunities and pathways to becoming a teacher.

To all of our GTF Fellows, and to all those who aspire to serve the children in California whose future depends on the quality of their teachers and schools, we wish you well in your teaching career.​​