Pathways to Teaching and Education Careers

As the largest producer of teachers in California, the CSU is called upon to expand its teacher and educator preparation programs to meet the staffing needs of California’s K-12 school districts.

Learn about the many ways we help recruit more future educators.

Teacher Pipeline Programs

Four-Year Integrated Teacher Education Programs & Teacher Shortage Fields

These programs enable candidates to earn a teaching credential while they earn a baccalaureate degree in the subjects they will teach.

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Community College Pathways

CSU campuses work closely with community colleges to prepare future teachers. Over half of students graduated by the CSU complete their lower-division work at a community college.

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Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative

Every year, the CSU now prepares on the average 1,000 teachers in mathematics and science, helping to end the shortage of these much-needed educators.

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Classified School Employee Pathways

Many classroom aides and assistants have the experience and knowledge to be excellent teachers. The CSU aims to recruit skilled classified school employees who want to become teachers.

Teachers Made in the CSU

Read the inspiring stories of teachers and educators who launched their career at a California State University campus.

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