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CAPP Intervention Specialist Certification (ISC)​

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Dr. Robyn Fisher​
Project Director

The overarching goal of the Intervention Specialist Certification program is to have a cohort of educational professionals explore, research, and study with other educational innovators to develop formidable solutions on how and when best to “intervene” to disrupt potential and actualized learning loss and opportunity gaps. Participants will focus on t​eaching and learning strategies, instructional tools, modalities, mindsets, belief systems, resources and materials. The cohort will engage with CAPP ISC content specialists and facilitators as collaborative thought partners and resource advisors in effort to support their professional growth. Cohort participants will receive financial support to pilot learned strategies and create a professional portfolio, as well as CSU Accredited CEU upon completion.

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​CAPP Leadership Netw​​ork

Dr. Robert Cooper

Dr. Robert Cooper
Project Director

​The CAPP Leadership Network ​provides a structure, processes, and professional space to support ongoing leadership development for current and aspiring educational leaders. Targeting both administrators and teachers, the network would provide opportunities to explore social justice and equity issues related to education.

Guided Pathways Alignment Proj​​ect​

Bill Vasey
Project Director​​

The purpose of the Guided Pathways Alignment Project (GPAP) is to form strategic partnerships between community colleges and high schools in the Central Valley focused on increasing student success and advancing an equity agenda.

CAPP Guided Pathways Alignment Project Summary

  • Purpose: Develop partnerships to Address Equity and Access
  • Who: Ten Central Valley Community Colleges and eighteen feeder High Schools
  • What: Aligning Work Across Systems
    • Guided Pathways
    • AB 705
    • Counseling
    • Career and College Readiness
  • Focus: Students underserved by both systems
  • When: Five year effort, just beginning (year two)

GPAP Partnership Area

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CAPP Families​​

CAPP Families were developed as a way of past CAPP projects staying connected with CAPP at the end of a grant cycle. CAPP Families enables projects to stay connected with the work the work they have begun under the CAPP grant, and have access to various CAPP activities and resources.

CAPP Families are asked to adhere to the legislative intent of CAPP and to have a focus on excellence, equity, and access for all student populations as they continue the work that was started under a CAPP grant.

The following schools have opted to become part of CAPP Families: