The California State University's Online Teacher Education Preparation Program

CalStateTEACH is an award-winning online teacher preparation program serving every county of California.

It is a designated Apple Distinguished Program that embraces innovation, leadership, and educational excellence and demonstrates a consistent vision of exemplary learning environments.

Its Mobile Learning Initiative has contributed to the expansion of access to teacher preparation and to diminishing the "digital divide" in public schools.

CalStateTEACH offers a spiraling, integrated curriculum that includes classroom management, learning theory, content pedagogy, integrated educational technology, animation and coding.

Its curriculum is based on the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), the California Standards f​or the Teaching Profession (CSTP), 21st-century skills, and cognition and learning research.

Although there is no physical campus, CalStateTEACH candidates, faculty, staff and regional directors build a campus community just as traditional candidates do. The difference is that the community is online.

Dr. Ernest Black
Systemwide Director, CalStateTEACH

(562) 951-4118 Office
(562) 951-4152 Fax
[email protected]

Chancellor's Office of the California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

Dr. Ernest Black, a former K-12 teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School district, has been serving as the Regional Director for the Southern Region of CST for the past six years. In this role, he provided leadership to the full range of online teacher preparation programs that CST has to offer. He has played a key role in liaising between CST and CSU Los Angeles & CSU Fullerton. He has worked with the Colleges of Education at both sites and developed partnership opportunities with them in the areas of PK-12 reforms, alternative certification pathways, induction programs, professional development, technology, and recruitment strategies. Dr. Black has deep experience with recruiting teachers of color, specifically, male teachers of color.

Central Region 

Dr. Nan Barker
Regional Director
5005 N. Maple Avenue
M/S ED 1
Fresno, CA 93740

Office: (559) 278-0234
Fax: (559) 278-0113
[email protected]


Southern Region

Dr. David Sandles
5005 N. Maple Avenue, M/S ED 1
Fresno, CA, 93740

Office: 559-278-0234
Fax: 559-278-0113
[email protected]

Graduates of the CalStateTEACH Program

Leticia Alonso-Robles, 6th-grade teacher: "I like to be able to put my knowledge to use in the classroom. I believe that CalStateTEACH offers the flexibility that one needs as a beginning teacher so that one can balance teaching and studying at the same time."

Marie Hatwan, 3rd-grade teacher: "Instead of sitting in a classroom, I can integrate what I learn the next day and get instant feedback. I can ask my cohort for advice on different ways to address lessons. I love the challenge, and I enjoy being independent. There is a lot of work, but there has been no other time in my life I have learned so much so fast."

Curtis Linden, 5th-grade teacher: "I would recommend this program to any individual who is looking for a teacher credential program that caters to their schedule and their needs, but at the same time prepares them to be the best teacher that they can be."

Jason Tierney, 3rd-grade teacher: "One of the program's big benefits is the technology. CalStateTEACH forced me to become more computer-literate. Before I entered the program, I had just done word processing and surfed the web a little bit. Now I am knowledgeable about different software and technical terminology."