Teacher and Educator Preparation


The CSU prepares more of California's teachers than all other institutions combined—and nearly 8 percent of the nation's teachers.


Every day, the CSU’s expert faculty and their partners give 10,000 future teachers the skills they need to support every student.


Over the past decade, the CSU has nearly doubled the number of math and science teachers it prepares—to 1,500 per year.​​

  • institute for teaching and learning
  • Teacher Education & Public School Programs

    Every day, the CSU works to meet its commitment to prepare more high-quality K-12 teachers in California.

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  • California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)
  • California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)

    CAPP works to improve the academic quality of high schools, thereby helping to prepare more students for college.

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  • center for the advancement of reading
  • Center for the Advancement of Reading​

    The CSU helps prepare the state's K-12 teachers to teach California's children to read.

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  • center for teacher equality
  • Center for Teacher Quality

    How effective are the CSU's teacher prep programs? That's what this center evaluates and reports on.

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