Thomas Johnson III

Thomas Johnson III

CSU Northridge

“The CSU Northridge Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Preparation (ACT) Program provided me with an amazing opportunity that helped mold and groom me into a great teacher. Through the structured and challenging curriculum of the program, I was given the opportunity to build and grow my skills with my cohort. 

I still see the need to help guide young males through life — no matter what background they come from. It’s important that they have someone to talk to, whether they need help with school, help with life in general or just need an older person to help guide them in the right way.

Not only will I be able to teach young students, but the students will be able to look up to someone who’s made it through college. They’ll see that, yes, in the real world you may not be surrounded by people who look like you, but you can still succeed. It’s a significant thing to accomplish and just say, ‘Hey, I did it.’”

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