CSU Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership

As a community for CSU mathematics and mathematics education faculty and K-12 educators, the CSU Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (CSU-MTEP) participates in reforms preparing future secondary teachers for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M).

The CSU-MTEP works to move forward California’s high school and middle school implementation of the CCSS-M, striving to have local implementation reflect the gold standard in preparing new teachers for the mathematics standards that has been established by the Association of Public L​and Grant Universities (APLU) in its Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership.

All 22 CSU campuses that prepare teachers are members of the CSU-MTEP. Participating in it enables them to work with colleagues in the CSU system and nationally exploring strategies for preparing teacher candidates who are proficient in both the content and practice standards of the CCSS-M.

Additionally, the CSU-MTEP explores strategies for recruitment and retention of secondary mathematics teachers. More than one in six secondary schools report “serious difficulties in filling vacant mathematics teaching positions. The attrition rate is high and particularly so for teachers with three years or less of experience. The CSU-MTEP is working to identify empirically based approaches to solve these problems.​