Bolstering the Diverse STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

Bolstering the Diverse STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

A Keck STEM Service-Learning Study

What does service learning look like at the largest system of higher education in the country? Does service learning in STEM disciplines have a positive impact on student success in terms of academic achievement, career development, and civic engagement? These are just a few of the questions that shaped a multi-year study led by the California State University's Center for Community Engagement.


What We Did

This study examined how service-learning experiences increase interest in STEM careers, improve civic engagement attitudes and more.

CSU student doing  math on a white board

What We Learned

CSU faculty and students in the study provided insights about how best to implement service- learning courses, and our research yielded a few surprising findings.


What You Can Do

Use the findings from the study and other resources to take action that supports a civically engaged and diverse STEM workforce.




Meet the research team and learn more about how the Center for Community Engagement advances the CSU’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and student success.

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