What You Ca​n Do

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What You Can Do

Take action to support a civically engaged and diverse STEM workforce.

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Share this research study: Communicate the findings to encourage action. Convene stakeholders to think together about the implications of the research findings for your particular campus context and inform decisions and long term strategy development.

Share the Essential Elements of Service Learning: Develop a professional development workshop for faculty, service learning practitioners and teachers’ aides to consider how to include or strengthen the essential elements throughout their practice.

Share your progress: Communicate actions and results across campus, with your community partners, potential students, and alumni.

students sitting on ground with compost


Map the landscape of STEM SL on your campus: Identify the numbers, faculty members, disciplines, topics, and service-learning projects taking place through your campus.

Learn more about STEM service-learning on your campus: Assess STEM support programs. Identify progress and areas for growth to inform program development. Or, replicate this study.

Create an online syllabus bank: Collect and share sample STEM service-learning course syllabi that reflect the Essential Elements of Service Learning.

students sitting on ground with compost  
young students gatherd around a table with a robot on it.  


Bolster your professional development efforts: Design and offer workshops focused on the Essential Elements of Service Learning or syllabus redesign.

Develop curriculum: Develop more lower division service-learning courses.

Redesign course content: Redesign a STEM service-learning course or develop a new one.

students sitting on ground with compost


Take the lead: Create a STEM education network made up of campus and community stakeholders aimed to facilitate relationship building, learning, and collaboration.

Target preparation and support programs for STEM students: Strengthen program content and practices to support learning and eliminate race, class and gender disparities.

Host a CSU STEM VISTA: Partner with CCE to bring a VISTA volunteer for one-year to a CSU campus to support a variety of projects related to closing the equity gap in STEM, such as launching a peer mentoring program, developing academic and faculty enrichment workshops, expanding K-12 school partnerships, and more.

young students gatherd around a table with a robot on it.