CSU Resource Guide for Risk Reduction

The CSU's work in understanding risk has enabled us to create sustainable solutions for our programs while still delivering effective, high-quality service-learning experiences and developing collaborative relationships with our partners. The 2021 edition of CSU’s Resource Guide for Managing Risk in Service Learning contains recommended forms, checklists and descriptions that can be used to help build new service-learning partnerships while improving existing partnerships with community-based organizations (also referred to as “Learning Sites” throughout the resource guide).

Forms & Templates

The forms in this resource guide are templates that can be customized to meet your campus’ needs and based on the CSU's more than 10 years of practical experience.

*Per CSU Policy, campus presidents have authority to designate whom on campus has the legal authority to sign agreements.  This is typically staff from contracts & procurement. See University-Agency Agreement section of the Guide for more information. ​


**Universities and organizations outside the California State University System interested in reproducing any part of CSU Resource Guide for Community Engaged Learning: Service-Learning Edition, 2021, must contact the Center for Community Engagement for permission.