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The California State University, Center for Community Engagement provides opportunities for students to become change-agents in their communities. Our goal is to educate students to understand the connections between themselves and those around them​ through high-quality community programs and service learning.

For 20 years, California State University has partnered with local commu​nities for student placement and initiatives. Our vast community engagement network is composed of faculty, staff, students, community partners and campus leadership, who actively advance the CSU's commitment to inclusivity, equity, and diversity.


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We believe people matter. Through teaching, learning and service, we inspire and educate CSU students who advance basic human rights across all of California's diverse communities.

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20 Years of Community Engagement. The California State University has been partnering with their local communities since the v​ery beginning, in 1857. During the past 20 years, these partnerships have prepared one million CSU graduates to be change makers across California’s rich and diverse communities.

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The CSU Center for Community Engagement creates and leads initiatives that serve the social and civic health of our state through teaching, learning and service.

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A recognized leader, the CSU supports millions of people each year by enhancing the quality of life across California, accelerating faculty research, and helping to strengthen students’ subject knowledge and develop their job ready skills.

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