Margot Soria smiling in front of an american flag
Margot Soria - U.S. Marine Corps - CSU Long Beach - Criminology, Emergency Management


Margot Soria spent two years in the Marines working on expeditionary airfield systems. Like many other veterans, she experienced difficulty beginning college as a freshman. Soria says her age and life experiences sometimes made her feel isolated from her younger classmates.

But things changed for Soria when she reached out for help at CSU Long Beach's Veterans Services — the center made her feel at home and gave her a sense of belonging on campus. Soria now works part-time at the center, helping veterans access educational benefits and campus resources.

"As veterans, there are many things we can relate to that give us a special connection to each other," Soria said. "The center provides a safe space where we can get guidance and help each other succeed."

Soria's biggest piece of advice for women veterans considering going to college? It's OK to ask for help.

"In the military, women are always trying to prove themselves in a male dominated environment. We may not ask for help because we don't want to appear weak," Soria said. "As veterans, we take some of that with us. We should be asking for help and taking advantage of all the resources campuses have to help us succeed."