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Troops to College


Veteran Success Centers

Every CSU campus has a center focused on meeting the needs of students who have served or are serving in the military and their families.

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  • ​​ applying to the CSU
  • Applying to the CSU

    You can apply for admission to the CSU through Cal State Apply. Here, you'll also find information on your eligibility for credits that will transfer to the CSU and details about our 23 campuses. 

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  • best practices
  • Best Practices: How the CSU Supports Military-Connected Students

    Our campuses take pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere for veterans and prioritizing their success in every way.

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  • educational benefits
  • Educational Benefits for Military-Connected Students

    Wondering how you'll pay for your education? Learn about all the types of financial support you may be eligible for.

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About Us

The Troops to College program focuses on meeting the needs of the nearly 20,000 military-connected students of the California State University. 


Research about veterans and other military-connected students at the CSU can be found here.