Iana Lim wearing a blue & white blouse smiling in front of a building
Iana Lim – U.S. Navy – San Francisco State – Business Administration/International Business

Like many veterans returning to college, Iana Lim was nervous that she wouldn’t fit in with the other students whose life experiences had differed so much from her own. Lim had served in the U.S. Navy for four years after high school as a machinist mate before attending San Francisco State University (SFSU) to study international business. 

Lim chose SFSU in part because of the fact that its Veterans Center is directed by a certified veteran, rather than a civilian, who was able to relate to her and provide her the support she needed. 

Lim became involved with V.E.T.S. @SFSU, a student-led organization dedicated to supporting veterans and dependents, ensuring academic success. Lim now serves as the social club’s president, organizing workshops and professional development opportunities for other veterans.

“The diversity of opinions at SFSU really impressed me, as well,” says Lim. “The professors value learning from their students and make us feel open to discuss our opinions, which helped me to build my identity.”

Following her graduation in May, Lim plans to pursue a master’s in business administration, saying her ultimate goal is to do something that positively impacts people around her and affects change in the world.