Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment

There are a variety of programs across the CSU that are specially designed to prepare students for successful careers in hospitality, tourism and entertainment, while eight different centers and institutes engage in myriad hospitality- and tourism-related research.


San Diego State boasts four distinctive research-oriented centers. The missions of these centers range from the general – such as the Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research that focuses on identifying “bes​t practices” in all aspects of hospitality and tourism – to the more specific – like the Center for Surf Research that serves as an international hub for research on sustainable surf tourism and issues of sustainability affecting the industry and broader community.

The Center for Recreation and Tourism at CSUN explores the nature of play and its effect on lifestyle, health and interpersonal dynamics, while the Center for Entertainment and Hospitality Management at Cal State Fullerton links students to the entertainment media and hospitality industries.


The Hospitality & Tourism Alliance and the Entertainment Alliance are working with students, faculty, alumni and industry partners to prepare students for successful careers. Both alliances enjoy strong relationships with industry partners, all of whom have hired CSU graduates or mentored them during their coursework.