North Coast

Humboldt State

Five counties comprise the North Coast region: Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou and Trinity. Humboldt State​ (HSU) is the only CSU campus in that region. In 2019, HSU had a direct annual spend of $317 million.


on operational


4-year​ aver​age
capital expenditures


on auxiliary


in student

Regional impact: nearly 4,900 jobs, $150 million in labor income, $459 million in industry activity and $32 million in tax revenue annually.

Increased alumni earnings of $487.6 millon supported an additional 2,350 jobs regionally, along with $109 million in labor income, $351 million in industry activity​ and $27 million in state and local taxes.

For every dollar spent at HSU, $1.68 of positive economic activity is generated the state.

For every dollar the state invested in HSU, $6.08 in statewide spending is generated

When the impact of enhanced earnings of HSU alumni is included, for every dollar the state invested in the campus, the total spending impact increases to $24.50.​​

​ ​
In​​​put Employment Labor Income Industry Activity Tax Impact
Operational Expenditures 3,576 $101M $293M $17M
Capital Expe​​nditures 158 $4M $13M
Auxiliary 592 $19M $64M $5M
Student Spend 548 ​ $25M $88M $9M
Total 4,873 $150M $459M $32M
Alumni 2,343 $109M $351M ​$27M