Season 3, Episode 3 - Redefining the Value of College


About This Episode:

For colleges and universities, the “great resignation” might be an opportunity to reach working adults looking to upskill for a new job. They could transform the college experience from a four-year academic experience... to a lifelong learning experience.

So how are colleges adapting to stay competitive? And will these demands change the face of college as we know it?

Higher Ed Rewired spoke with Paul Fain, author of the Job newsletter at Inside Higher Ed, Julie Newman-Biggers, director of career development at Clemson University, Allison Salisbury, senior vice president at Guild Education and Chipotle field recruiting analyst, Iris Vazquez Morales. They share their ideas and experience on how the university model can evolve to emphasize career preparation, prepare students for future opportunities, and bring a new demographic of students to the table.

Featured on This Episode:

  • Paul Fain is a contributing editor at Inside Higher Ed. Paul has also worked in higher ed P.R., with Widmeyer Communications. He is a former staff writer for C-VILLE Weekly, a newspaper in Charlottesville, Va., Paul has written for the New York Times, Washington City PaperandMother Jones. He's won journalism awards, including one for beat reporting from the Education Writers Association and the DickSchaapExcellence in Sports Journalism Award. He earned a degree in political science at the University of Delaware in 1996.
  • Julie Newman-Biggers is the director of career development at Clemson University. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in kinesiotherapy from Catawba College and a
    master of education degree in guidance and counseling from Clemson University.
  • Allison Salisbury is a Senior Vice President at Guild Education, where she leads strategy and solutions teams that help Guild’s employer partners reskill their workforce for the future. She regularly shares what she is learning in her column on Forbes.
    Prior to Guild, Allison served as a Senior Partner and the Head of Innovation at Entangled Group (acquired by Guild), where she started the Economic Mobility Practice focused on advising employers, universities, and philanthropists on creating opportunity through education and upskilling.
  • Iris Vazquez Morales is a field recruiting analyst at Chipotle Mexican Grill. She focuses on the policies with long-term results when working with opportunity youth, such as by providing a clear pathway for advancement through the company. She earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources management from Bellevue University.

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