Season 1, Episode 8 - Higher Ed Leaders Discuss: What’s Next for Student Success?

Tra​ns​​cript | Duration: 24:10

About This episode:

As a thought-provoking conclusion to season one, Higher Ed Rewired will highlight a conversation on the future of higher education between three national higher education innovators and experts. Doug Lederman, editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Ed, Michelle Weise, senior vice president of Workforce Strategies and Chief Innovation Officer for  Strada Education, and Alexandra Bernadotte, founder and chief executive officer of Beyond 12 tackle big questions like: How is higher education keeping up with our changing society? How can we change the way we support students to and through college? What is the relationship between higher education and the workforce? Where does higher education go from here?

Listen in on this conversation on the changing landscape of higher education and reflections on what must happen to ensure student success in the future of our colleges and universities.

Resources For This episode:

“Challenges for Regional Publics: A Survey of Business Officers," by Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed

“From College to Life: Relevance and the Value of Higher Education," by Strada Education Network and Gallup Inc.

“Alex Bernadotte Guides College Freshmen Through Overwhelming Challenges," by Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle