Season 4, Episode 5 – Reassessing the Impact of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

About This Episode:

Instituted by executive order in 1965, affirmative action is a race conscious policy that aims to address discrimination and provide equal access to education and jobs.  Since its inception, organizations have opposed its implementation arguing that it is unfair, unnecessary, and unconstitutional and today, it is once again under review by the Supreme Court.
In this episode, we explore the ongoing debate surrounding affirmative action. We speak with various experts including an affirmative action researcher and an Education Equity Manager to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issue. They discuss the potential consequences of eliminating Affirmative Action and alternative methods to promote diversity in higher education.

Featured on This Episode:

Tiana Loving is a third-year student at Florida A&M University College of Law and the President of the Black Law Student Association
Peter Arcidiacono is Professor Arcidiacono specializes in research involving applied microeconomics, applied economics, and labor economics. His research primarily focuses on education and discrimination.
Sally Chen is the Education Equity Program Manager at Chinese for Affirmative Action in San Francisco. Chen graduated from Harvard where she studied history and literature as well as studies of women, gender, and sexuality.
Dr. Luke Wood is a Distinguished Professor of Education and Dean of the College of Education at San Diego State University, he is an expert on the education of African Americans and Latinos. He earned his Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Berkeley. His current research focuses on identifying and examining effective educational practices for African American and Latino males at all levels of education.

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