Season 1, Episode 2 - Leading the Research on Food and Housing Insecurity in Higher Education

Transcript | Duration: 24:45

About This Episode:

Dr. Crutchfield’s experience working at a shelter for youth experiencing homelessness informed her research agenda on housing and food insecurity in higher education. She offers insight on how the CSU has become a national leader with their Basic Needs Initiative and the importance of supporting students facing food and housing insecurity.

Resources for This Episode:

Dr. Rashida Crutchfield, CSU Long Beach
Faculty Profile- CSU Long Beach, Dr Rashida Crutchfield
1 in 10 CSU students struggling with homelessness, study says (ABC)
“CSULB Professor discusses research on food and housing insecurity across the CSU system”
California State University Basic Needs Initiative
CalFresh and the California State University

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