Proposal Guide

California State University Creating Responsive, Equitable, and Active Teaching and Engagement (CREATE) Awards Program​

Please use this proposal guide to prepare your application for the CREATE Awards program. Please note that all information provided in this form will need to be entered into the CREATE online proposal submission form. This proposal guide will not be uploaded to the portal; it is only intended to be used to guide the development of your application.

Questions II through VI should be uploaded in one Word document or PDF using the naming convention: Last Name First Name CREATE Narrative. Question VII should be uploaded in one PDF using the naming convention: Last Name First Name CREATE Budget. Question VIII should be uploaded in one PDF using the naming convention: Last Name First Name CREATE Support Letter.

You may direct questions about the application process to Dr. Chenoa S. Woods, director of Research and Student Success Initiatives, at cswoods@calstate.edu.

  1. Contact information and campus details
    1. Campus Name:
    2. PI & Contact Information:
    3. Additional Faculty leads (if applicable):
    4. Program Length (start/end dates):
    5. Proposed Budget (in dollars):
    6. Budget Contact Name & Email:
  2. Program narrative. Describe the program in full. Include the rationale/need, program timeline, target student population, and expected outcomes. Up to 800 words.
  3. Focus on equity. Explain how the program explicitly addresses Graduation Initiative 2025 goals and equity in the CSU. Up to 500 words.
  4. Program scalability. Explain the scalability of the program. Answer the question “To what degree is the program scalable to other student populations and campuses within the CSU?” Up to 500 words.
  5. Evaluation plan. Describe how the program will be evaluated and assessed. Which measures will be included to determine if the program is effective? Ensure that an IRB application can be submitted and approved if applicable. Up to 500 words.
  6. Budget narrative. Describe how funds will be allocated across budget categories. Be sure to consider your campus's indirect costs policies for subawards funded through external partners. The CREATE program is generously funded by the College Futures Foundation which allows 5%indirect costs. It is recommended that you work with your sponsored programs office when finalizing the program budget. Up to 500 words.
  7. Budget template​. Use the budget template to describe your spending categories.
  8. Upload a letter of support from the principal investigator’s department chair and/or college dean. The letter must authorize faculty release time, if applicable. If multiple staff/faculty will receive release time, a letter from each faculty member’s department chair/dean is required.​
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Download Proposal Guide​ Download the Budget Template

Funding for the inaugural year of the CREATE program is generously provided by the College Futures Foundation.