What happens in the classroom plays a significant role in a student's sense of belonging, their gain or loss of academic confidence and ultimately if they earn a degree. Equally important are the CSU's efforts to be student-ready and support all students where they are – a collective responsibility to student success shared among faculty, staff, administrators and students. Faculty, in particular, have a unique opportunity to support students both in and outside of the classroom, including helping students connect with advisors, learning support centers, counseling centers and more.

Without compromising academic rigor, an intensified systemwide strategy must be deployed to explore why first-time completion rates for certain courses are consistently lower for underrepresented minority students. An emphasis is placed on examining course structures, addressing variability across course sections and providing faculty learning to develop even stronger pedagogies to support all students in active learning and engagement. Working closely with faculty to re-evaluate course design, refine instructional practices and identify how to provide learning support more effectively for students will further help to promote equitable learning and eliminate equity gaps.

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