The Chancellor's Office has convened a task force to support campuses in their efforts to meet these equity priorities and ultimately eliminate equity gaps for all students. Each priority is assigned task force members with relevant experience and expertise.

ReEngage and ReEnroll Underserved Students Task Force Leads

  • Cynthia Alvarez
    Assistant Director, Student Success
  • Darlene Daclan
    Director, Academic Affairs Business Systems

Expand Credit Opportunities (Summer/Intersession) Task Force Leads

  • Marshall Thomas
    Director, Veterans Affairs
  • Noelia Gonzalez
    Interim Systemwide Director, Financial Aid Programs

Digital Degree Planner Task Force Leads

  • Duan Jackson
    Interim Director, Student Advisement Initiative
  • ​Liz Reed
    Assistant Director, Enrollment Management Technology

Administrative Barriers Task Force Leads

  • Brent Foste​r
    Assistant Vice Chancellor and State University Dean, Academic Programs and Faculty Development
  • Roy Stripling
    Director, Student Success Initiatives

Promote Equitable Learning and Reduce DFW Rates

  • Emily Magruder
    Director, Innovative Teaching and Future Faculty Development
  • Chenoa Woods​
    Director, Resear​​ch and Student Success Initiatives​

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