The CSU’s Commitment to Change

To strengthen its systems of care and compliance, in 2022 and 2023 the CSU engaged Cozen O'Connor to conduct a systemwide assessment of its Title IX and Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (DHR) programs. The report identifies core observations and recommendations for improvements at both the system and university levels. The CSU remains committed to making the meaningful and impactful changes needed to transform our Title IX and other anti-discrimination policies, procedures, infrastructure, culture and climate within the Chancellor's Office and our 23 universities.

Cozen O'Connor Report

The CSU Systemwide Title IX and DHR Assessment by Cozen O’Connor is designed to strengthen the CSU institutional culture by assessing current practices at the Chancellor’s Office (system-level) and at each CSU Campus and providing insights, recommendations, and resources to advance CSU’s Title IX and DHR training, awareness, prevention, intervention, compliance and support systems.

Read Interim Chancellor Koester's June 2022 Statement on Title IX

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Cozen has completed all campus reviews, however members of the campus community can still provide feedback to the Cozen O’Connor team privately.

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Cozen O'Connor Report

The Cozen O'Connor Institutional Response Group conducted interviews and campus visits, in addition to gathering feedback through surveys and a dedicated email to conduct this assessment and develop recommendations.

Cozen O’Connor Systemwide Report

Cozen O'Connor Summary Report

Cozen O’Connor University Reports

May 2023 Board of Trustees Overview Presentation

2023 California State Auditor Report

In late April 2022, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) of the state legislature recommended the California State Auditor (CSA) audit the CSU system'​s handling of sexual harassment complaints involving executives, faculty and staff at the CO and three campuses: Fresno State, SJSU (San José State University), and SSU (Sonoma State University). More information about the state audit can be found on their website.

2022-109 State Audit Report

State Auditor's Report PDF

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