Announcing the Launch of the EdQ DataView Dashboard

EdQ DataView Is Ready for You

We are pleased to announce the launch of the EdQ DataView dashboard system!

Over the past year, the Educator Quality Center has collaborated with educator preparation program leaders to design a data system to serve the needs of our campuses. The development of this new system is driven by what we've heard from you —CSU educator preparation administrators, faculty, and staff—about the data you most need to support your work and continuous improvement. Our goal is to assemble information in a single easy-to-use tool so you have access to the data you need, when you need it.

The first interactive tool, the Program Perceptions Dashboard, is now available.

It features data that the CSU community identified as a top priority: the perceptions of candidates, completers, and employers about our preparation programs, with data generated through EdQ Center surveys. Educator preparation faculty and staff can use this initial set of dashboards to explore overall perceptions about their own programs, to dig into how well their students were prepared to perform particular tasks or meet specific expectations, and to understand where the participants of these surveys are employed and what positions they hold.

Your data is secure, and controlled by you.

All data is secure, and each campus determines who sees their data. The EdQ Center is here to serve the specific goals and improvement priorities of individual campuses.

We also support cross-campus partnerships, and will provide opt-in opportunities that each campus can consider. You might choose to join into broader uses of the dashboard system through information sharing that can facilitate collaborative learning and innovation.

Dive into your first dashboard now!

You can check out the initial dashboards here using your secure credentials. Wondering how to get started with the dashboards? We're here to help! Check out our Discover and Explore Guide, watch our EdQ Program Perceptions: Introductory Tutorial, or ask us anything