EdQ DataView

We provide data and visualizations to enable campuses to support continuous improvement efforts.

Our dashboard system serves CSU educator preparation programs and their growing need for timely data to inform continuous improvement.

Dashboards provide an easy way to view and analyze data that informs evidence-based decisions. Dashboards will cover a range of topics relevant to program improvement including applicant, candidate, and graduate demographics; candidate perceptions and satisfactions; and post-graduate employment data.


Access EdQ DataView

CSU faculty and staff can dive into campus data using their credentials.

Launch Dashboards

The data system is designed specifically to serve educator preparation programs. it makes high-quality data accessible to all who need it to inform their program improvement efforts -- including deans, associate deans, program coordinators, field supervisors, credential analysts, faculty and staff.

Dashboards are secure and private. Campuses have access to their own data as well as aggregate data for the CSU system. Each campus decides how its data is shared within the CSU system.


The idea of real-time, equitable data access is a big deal.

- Professor Emiliano Ayala, Faculty, Sonoma State