About Us

Our Mission: To build capacity of CSU educator preparation programs through research, evaluation, and the strategic application of data.

Since our founding more than 15 years ago, the EdQ Center has steadily adapted to meet the changing needs of CSU campuses.

Today, we help the CSU Schools and Colleges of Education improve their programs and results through informed analysis and insightful decisions. Through ongoing surveys of current-year graduates, alumni, and employers, we help campuses stay connected to the needs of CSU-trained educators and the schools and systems that hire them.

​The EdQ Center also facilitates knowledge sharing across the CSU system to help each campus gain from the successes and lessons of all campuses. The data we generate can inform productive collaborations between CSU programs, as well as between CSU programs and local school districts. 

EdQ's strategic vision​ is organized around the following three levers for improvement:

Leveraging Data for Improvement​

​EdQ develops functional data systems and dashboards for application, enrollment, and completion records, system-wide survey responses, and employment and retention data.

Supporting Leaders to Strengthen Data Use

EdQ provides support and brokers expertise and resources that help leaders navigate the challenges they face in promoting a culture of data use for improvement.

Offering Direct Support to Campus-Level Improvement Teams

EdQ supports campus improvement teams and groups to continue to develop and deepen their learning and create spaces for that learning to be shared in a variety of cross-campus learning structures.  ​