Systemwide Initiatives

Major initiatives and partnerships are a critical part of our work to support educator preparation throughout the CSU with strategic, accessible and actionable information. This is a selection of our major initiatives and strategic partnerships:

Chancellor's Office Learning Lab to Clos​e the Teacher Diversity Gap

The Educator Quality Center and partners from WestEd's Improvement Science Team are serving as a hub of support for a network of five campus teams working to address the demographic mismatch between the teachers they prepare and the students and communities they serve. Read more her​e.

EdPrep Data and Improvement Network

In 2019-20, EdQ convened a group of educator preparation data professionals from 12 CSU campuses for a year-long fellowship called the Data and Improvement Fellowship​. The group spent a year learning together, examining their systems, tools and practices, and sharing best practices in data use for continuous improvement. A new group has now been formed by the Fellows called, the EdPrep Data and Improvement Network. It is open to all CSU educator preparation data professionals. Read more here​.

Continuous Improvement Collaborative

For the last several years, Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) across the CSU have engaged in important learning and improvement work led by a cadre of campus-based continuous improvement leads. To sustain the learning and work beyond 2020, EdQ is launching a new community to help these leaders stay connected to each other as they each continue to pursue their work in the “spirit of improvement." Read more here.

EdQ DataView Dashboard Expansion Project

The EdQ Center is embarking on a project to develop a suite of new, integrated EdQ DataView teacher preparation program dashboards that will be made available to all CSU teacher preparation programs. With a major investment of nearly $2 million in support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, the CSU will be leading the field in advancing educator preparation data systems as an early adopter of the Ed-Fi Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM).

Phase 1 of the project is currently underway and is focused on creating new dashboards for all CSU campuses with the goal of increasing access to high-priority system-wide data sources, including teacher preparation pipeline data, post-completion employment and retention data, and student demographics.

Phase 2 will expand the EdQ Center dashboard beyond central CSU data sources. We will work with two to three pilot campuses, focusing primarily on clinical placement tracking systems, fieldwork observation systems, and program assessments.