As the largest producer of teachers in California, the CSU is being called upon to expand its teacher preparation programs to meet the staffing needs of California's K-12 school districts.

Teacher shortages in the state are projected to last for the next decade, and the Chancellor's Office of the CSU and campuses have initiated efforts to meet this demand. A number of campuses are involved in EduCorps, a comprehensive teacher recruitment effort to identify and encourage promising undergraduate students to consider a career in teaching.

The effort has a special emphasis on attracting and preparing more male and female teachers of color with the goal of providing students with role models from their own backgrounds.

EduCorps represents a community of individuals interested in shaping the future through teaching. Its two key purposes are:

  • to significantly increase the number and diversity of students entering CSU's teacher preparation programs, especially in high-need areas such as mathematics, science, special education, and bilingual education
  • to provide ongoing, high-quality support to members on their path to earning their teaching credential

Teaching Credentials

To help students earn a teaching credential, the EduCorps website includes a Help Center with answers to frequently asked questions about financial aid, prerequisites, applying for a credential, and the teaching profession. The website also provides contact information to teaching credential advisors at every CSU campus.

Students who join EduCorps receive invitations to events that recognize and celebrate the teaching profession, such as the CSU's annual "Better Together: California Teachers Summit" as well as professional conferences, local teacher recruitment fairs, and advising sessions.

Visit the EduCorps site