Latino Communities

The CSU assists Latino students and their families prepare for and graduate from college. Over the years, the CSU has developed partnerships in the private sector and with community organizations to reach these students. Today, 48% of students at the CSU are Latino. Across the state, more than half of bachelor’s degrees awarded to Latino students are earned at the CSU.


Feria de Educación

Feria de Educación is a community education fair held on a CSU campus in collaboration with Univision, the nation’s leading Spanish language media company.  Each year, Feria de Educación events draw tens of thousands of Spanish speaking students and their families to learn about the typical education journey with a focus on preparing for college. At Feria de Educación, students and parents participate in educational workshops, meet college representatives, and become familiar with community resources that support college readiness. Highlights of Feria de Educación include a children’s book giveaway and a visualization activity, where children have their photo taken wearing the uniform of a profession they aspire to, including doctors and astronauts.

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Hispanic-Serving Institutions​

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) are colleges or universities where at least 25% of the undergraduate, full-time enrollment is Hispanic; and at least half of the institution’s degree-seeking students must be low-income. Twenty-one of the California State University’s 23 campuses meet this criteria, allowing them to compete for federal funding to expand and enhance educational opportunities for their students, including those of Hispanic descent.

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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) plays a major role informing the U.S. Congress about higher education issues impacting Latino students and advocating on behalf of Hispanic-Serving Institutions at the federal and state levels of government. With a Latino student enrollment of one-third, the CSU is the only systemwide member of HACU.

Seal of Excelencia

The Seal of Excelencia is awarded to institutions of higher education for intentionally serving Latino students and for demonstrating positive student outcomes. The seal is an independent national certification from ¡Excelencia in Education! a Latina-led organization formed in 2004 to accelerate Latino student success.

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Other Partnerships

American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) hosts the largest forum of Hispanic PhDs in the nation at their annual conference. The CSU supports the conference. Additionally, Dr. Timothy P. White, Chancellor of the CSU had made a five year commitment to the graduate fellows program of AAHHE with the purpose of strengthening the pipeline of Latino doctoral students entering academic careers.

Great Minds in STEM shares the CSU’s commitment to increasing the number of historically underrepresented students entering careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  To that end, the CSU has partnered with Great Minds in STEM as an academic co-host of their annual national conference in 2016, and continues to explore future collaborations.​

Families in Schools is focused on involving parents and communities in the education of their children to achieve lifelong success. The CSU is a member of the governing board of Families in Schools. Through this participation the CSU promotes the role of parents in helping children prepare for and succeed in college. Families in Schools exhibits at Feria de Educación.