Reconsideration Procedures

In accordance with Executive Order 1106, the following procedure shall be utilized by an employee of the Chancellor's Office who is a member of the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) at the California State University (CSU) who requests reconsideration of personnel decisions that are adverse to the employee, including those relating to retention, evaluation, promotion, demotion, assignment, reassignment and/or hours of work. It is the policy of the Chancellor's Office to encourage discussion and seek resolution of such requests.


This procedure may not be utilized to appeal a salary decision by the Chancellor, other personnel actions, or any personnel action where a separate appeal or hearing procedure exists.

  • Days: calendar days.
  • Immediate Supervisor: manager to whom the employee is accountable.
General Provis​​ions:
  • This procedure provides two levels of review. The initial review consists of a meeting between the employee and the employee's immediate supervisor. In cases involving non-retention or demotion, the employee may initiate the reconsideration request with the campus Human Resources (HR) department rather than the employee's immediate supervisor.
  • If at any time during this procedure, it is determined that (1) the employee is not entitled to use this procedure, or (2) the matter complained of is outside the scope of this procedure, the employee shall be so informed in writing and the proceedings terminated.
  • The employee is required to strictly comply with the time limits of this procedure and the failure to meet those time limits shall be cause for denying the request for reconsideration. Failure by the immediate supervisor or HR to issue a timely response under this procedure shall permit the employee to submit a request for reconsideration at the next level. Time limits set in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement. In computing any period of time from a specific event, the day in which an event occurs shall be excluded and the last day in which any action is required to be taken shall be included. When the last day for any action required by this procedure falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the time limit shall be extended to the next regular workday.
  • All requests for reconsideration and all proceedings pertinent to this procedure shall be confidential.
  • The Chancellor's Office will not take any reprisals toward an employee because of the employee's invoking this procedure. Complaints regarding an allegation of reprisal should be submitted to the Chancellor or designee.
  • An employee may withdraw, in writing, a request for reconsideration at any time. The employee shall not file any subsequent request for reconsideration on the same matter.
  • First Level
    An employee must notify the immediate supervisor (or HR for matters concerning non-retention or demotion) of the complaint, request or allegation by asking in writing, for an appointment within 14 days of the decision or personnel action giving rise to the request. The immediate supervisor shall document the results of this meeting within 14 days of the meeting with the employee, and provide a copy of such documentation to the employee.
  • Second Level
    Should the matter remain unresolved at the first level, the employee may request in writing, reconsideration with the Chancellor or his/her designee. Such a request for reconsideration must be received by the Chancellor or designee within 10 days of the employee's receipt of the first level recommendation. This written request shall specify relevant dates, times, places, persons and other facts necessary for a clear understanding of the matter in question and shall include the results of the first level meeting. The Chancellor or designee and the employee shall meet to discuss the request. Within 20 days after the receipt of the request for the second level review, the Chancellor or designee shall render a written decision to the employee. Failure to render a decision within such 20 days shall be deemed a denial of the request. The decision of the Chancellor or designee shall be final.