Drug-Free Workplace

The CSU is committed to maintaining a workplace free from unlawful manufacture, possession, distribution, dispensation, or use of controlled substances. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. 

​In accordance with Executive Order ​930 the CSU is committed to maintaining a workplace environment free from the unlawful manufacture, possession, distribution, dispensation or use of any controlled substances. Employees violating this policy are subject to discipline up to and including dismissal. In addition to, or in lieu of discipline, CSU may require employees violating the policy to participate in a drug-use rehabilitation program.

Proposition 64 Does Not Alter Policy
The recent passage of Proposition 64 by California voters does not alter the Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Marijuana remains a controlled substance under federal law. Nothing in Proposition 64 changes the obligations of CSU to maintain a drug-free community, prevent illegal drug use, and discipline employees who unlawfully manufacture, possess, distribute, dispense or use illegal drugs on university property or activities.

Employee Assistance Program/Medical Plans
The CSU recognizes drug and alcohol dependency as a treatable condition and offers employee support programs for individuals with substance dependency problems. Employees are encouraged to seek assistance for drug and alcohol related problems. Employees can contact CSUCO Benefits Officer Carol Sanchez to learn what services are covered for substance abuse under your individual CSU​ Medical Insurance Plan.

The CSU Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through Empathia provides information, evaluation, counseling and referral service to employees seeking assistance with personal, emotional, substances abuse or chemical dependency. LifeMatters provides up to eight (8) free counseling sessions for employees and/or their family members to assist with problems related to substance abuse or chemical dependency. For questions regarding the CSU Employee Assistance Program please contact Desi Ballat-Dyson.

Drug-Free Awareness - Resources