From Employment to Career Advancement

With unparalleled commitment to student success, quality instruction, and inclusive excellence, PaCE professionals are shaping the future of California.

PaCE professionals embody professional advancement. They enable career change and, in some cases, total life transformation. They not only create opportunities to satisy the thirst of the inquisitive lifelong learner, but are modern adult learners themselves! View these shining examples of the tra​nsformative power of higher education and learn more.


Bakersfield | Master of Science in Administration
“The MSA program gave me the skills and confidence to move forward in my career. As I began to take on more responsibilities, I found that the program prepared me to successfully meet each new challenge. Without the opportunity of taking this program online through Extended Education, I would never have been able to complete my master’s degree. This is why, as the Director of PaCE programs at Extended Education and Global Outreach for CSU Bakersfield, I can confidently promote the importance of continuing education for adult learners.”

Northridge | Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
“As a professional in higher education who manages a portfolio of graduate degree and certificate programs, I see firsthand the rewards and benefits a degree can have on the lives of students. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at CSUN has helped me to look at the work I do through a more strategic and global perspective. As a homegrown student, earning both an MPA and Ed.D. from CSUN, I feel that these educational opportunities have had an enormous impact on my life. For this, I am forever thankful. I now look forward to giving back to the CSU community and beyond as I continue to work toward the advancement of my professional goals.”


Northridge | Master of Science in Administration
“I was able to obtain my degree working around my work schedule and other obligation. It was convenient and affordable. Overall a great experience!”