From Education to Employment

With unparalleled commitment to student success, quality instruction, and inclusive excellence, PaCE professionals are shaping the future of California.

PaCE professionals embody professional advancement. They enable career change and, in some cases, total life transformation. They not only create opportunities to satisy the thirst of the inquisitive lifelong learner, but are modern adult learners themselves! View these shining examples of the transformative power of higher education and learn more.


Fullerton | Human Resources Management Certificate
“People from my socio-economic background don’t typically reach for their dreams and achieve more than what society expects: various aspects of my childhood made me think I would not live to see 18 and graduate high school. [After dropping out of college], I started my career in human resources. Finding my passion in HR, I enrolled in the Human Resources Certificate Program at Cal State Fullerton Extension and International Programs. Now I continue to seek opportunities for advancement and hope to complete my BA in public administration at CSUF and continue to be a Titan.”

Ayda Vardumyan
Northridge | Master of Arts in Higher Educational Leadership
“I decided to apply to the Higher Educational Leadership Program because it was the next step for my personal and professional growth. When I applied, I had been working in higher education 12-plus years. Completing the program has allowed me to strengthen my skills and grow professionally in higher education. Being in the program and obtaining a master’s degree has allowed me to enter the Associate Director position for Tseng College’s Office of Admissions, Registration, and Client Services.”

Ayda Vardumyan 
Rick Wang 

Pomona | Global Education Institute / Self Support Master’s Degree
“Having worked in the exhibition and conference industry for nearly a decade in China, I thought about an elevation in my career and believed that education could really help me achieve my goals. I moved to the U.S. and started to pursue my Master of Science in Hospitality Management through the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona. I graduated in June 2016 and was fortunate to find a job as a program manager at the Global Education Institute in CEU. [PaCE] has helped me achieve my career elevation and personal goals.”