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Accessible Technology


Develop CSU programs, services and activities that are accessible to all students, staff, faculty and the general public. This encompasses all technology products used to deliver academic programs and services, student services, information technology services, and auxiliary programs and services.

​ATS Strategies for Accessible Technology:

  • ​collaboratively develop, manage, facilitate and support a wide range of common interest groups, affinity groups, communities of practice, CSU committees, and other recognized campus representative groups whose missions include or relate to accessible technologies
  • share accessible technology policies, practices and resources across various CSU communities
  • identify and facilitate opportunities to develop systemwide funding proposals for accessible technologies that could produce economies of scale and significant cost efficiencies for CSU campuses
  • provide guidance and expertise on evaluating the accessibility of academic technologies
  • acquire grants to support development and implementation of accessible technologies

Accessible Technology Project Websites:

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