​CTEPP Wraps Up Three Years of Transformation and Looks to the Future

It is said that true transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. The ten campus improvement teams that have been part of the Center for Transformational Education Preparation Programs (CTEPP) initiative would agree. Three years in, and teams are seeing results and sharing their impact with the field, but there is much left to do. This was on everyone’s mind this spring as the Center’s grant period came to a close.

AERA 2024 Philadelphia

In April, five campus teams traveled to Philadelphia to present a combined poster session at AERA’s 2024 conference, Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities: A Call to Action. Representatives from Chico, Stanislaus, Northridge, Long Beach and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo presented posters highlighting their CTEPP work chaired by Co-Directors Bre Evans-Santiago and Kevin Taylor. 

AERA Presenters. Pictured From left to right: Betina Hsieh, Erin Whitney, Kevin Taylor, Andrea Somoza, Natasha Neumann, Ian Carroll, Amy Hanreddy, Ana York, Shannon Panfilio-Padden, Shari Tarver-Behring, Rebecca Bustamante. Front row: Ginger Simon, Allegra Brown, Julie Gainsburg, Cassandra Drake, Catherine Lemmi, Nora McKay.


In May, all ten teams and special guests from other CSU campuses, gathered in Long Beach for the final convening of the grant, entitled Choosing the Platform for your Transformation Destination.”  The focus of the two days together was to celebrate and showcase achievements and to plan for sustaining the work moving forward.

Change Packages

A highlight of the first evening was the TLab Showcase and Trivia game where teams shared their Change Packages. Equity imperatives addressed include improving clinical practice supervision to be more equitable and culturally responsive, improving first-time pass rates for BIPOC candidates on the CalTPA, strategic outreach and recruitment of BIPOC candidates, Grow Your Own Programs, retention support for BIPOC candidates and partnership with K12 communities for recruitment and hiring of BIPOC teachers.

Throughout the two days, individuals had the opportunity to talk across the network about a variety of ways that their transformation work could continue to move forward in the years to come. Facilitated round table talks touched on topics such as, Leadership for Sustainability, Assessment for Equity, Writing Opportunities, Grant Partnerships and Opportunities, Using our Equity Lens to Approach Current Events in Israel and Palestine, and envisioning a future community of practice.

Leaving Behind and Taking Along

To close the convening, participants were asked to think about their journey and offer things they want to leave behind, or let go of, and things that they will carry forward. It was a profound moment of openness and commitment. The future looks promising for each team as they work from the foundation that CTEPP helped them build. EdQ will continue to support this process with system wide data and improvement coaching as new transformation proposals and projects emerge from this important work.