The California State University enjoyed another year of strong support from its donors. This robust support, even as California and the nation navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrates the steadfast confidence that many have in the university to create lasting success.

In fiscal year 2020-21, the CSU received more than $634 million in gift commitments and a record of more than $552 million in gift receipts. The CSU's cumulative endowment market value also reached a record-breaking high of $2.4 billion. This support provided both immediate assistance to members of our campus communities who were navigating hardships as a result of the pandemic and laid the groundwork for progress that will be felt by the university for years to come.

This exceptional donor support was driven in large part by comprehensive campus campaigns that elevate campus programs and increase student success. California State University, Chico's "Transform Tomorrow" campaign exceeded its $100 million goal. Meanwhile, California State University, Sacramento's "On the Rise" and California State University, Fullerton's "It Takes a Titan" campaigns continued to spread a culture of philanthropy among their stakeholders and made impressive progress toward their goals.

The CSU's record support was also a result of transformative gifts from donors who see the university as an agent of positive change. Philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott and her husband, Dan Jewett, were two such donors whose gift to campuses totaled $135 million and was the largest in the university's history.

The generous investment by donors in the California State University will allow for the lasting prosperity of the university's programs and students. This report explores the scope of our donor support and provides a few examples of its impact across the university and the state.

Gifts Received

​Donors' generosity in 2020-21 resulted in more than $552 million in gifts received by the university. Of that 27 percent—about $150 million—is unrestricted. The remainder is designated by donors to support university efforts.

Donor-designated support of $230.7 million for current programs included: 

  • $68.7 million for faculty support and academic enrichment; 
  • $41.6 million for public service programs; 
  • $36.3 million for student scholarships; 
  • $4.1 million for equipment and facility improvements; 
  • $80 million for additional university priorities. 

For long-term capital projects, campuses received $52.2 million for major facility construction and renovation. 

Endowments grew by $113.2 million in new contributions, which provide support in perpetuity. In 2020-21, endowments distributed $71 million to fund areas across the unviersity. More than half of endowment gifts are designated for scholarships. 

Donors committed an additional $6.7 million in irrevocable deferred gifts. ​​​

Philanthropic support across the CSU provided $91.5 million in private scholarships to students. Combined with state and federal aid, this assistance reduces the financial burden of students and their families.

Charitable Gifts by Source

charitable gifts by source

Charitable Gifts by Purpose

charitable gifts by purpose

Endowment Market Value

endowment market value

$71 Million
Endowment Distribution