Chancellor's Message

The California State University elevates lives, families, communities and our state through the transformative power of higher education. The steadfast commitment of donors like you advances that mission in myriad ways. For that reason, I am thrilled to share the stories of donor support during the 2022-23 fiscal year—and offer my heartfelt gratitude and deepest appreciation for your generosity.

A life-changing CSU degree empowers our students from all backgrounds— America’s new majority—to pursue their dreams and obtain social and economic independence. In fact, and thanks in large part to donor support, our universities consistently dominate every national ranking for social mobility.

As you’ll see highlighted in this report, your generosity reverberates through all areas of the CSU and its extended community—from bolstering affinity centers to providing degree programs for incarcerated individuals to supporting scholarships that target vulnerable populations.

Social mobility is the CSU’s story, and it is my personal story. I am a first-generation college student—the daughter of humble and proud parents who migrated to Brooklyn from Puerto Rico. I grew up in a poor but beautifully diverse neighborhood near the factories where my parents worked. But while my neighbors were diverse, their dreams were the same: to create a better life for future generations. My family instilled in me, La única herencia que una familia pobre le deja a sus hijos es una buena educación—the only inheritance a poor family can leave its children is a good education. Thanks to my parents’ vision and sacrifice—and to the undeniable power of a college degree—I have benefited from that inheritance, and I have lived that dream.

Social mobility is my professional story as well. Throughout my career, it’s been my highest honor to play a part in uplifting the lives of countless students. And now, I have the profound privilege and extraordinary opportunity to serve as the first Latina to lead the nation’s largest, most diverse and most influential four-year university system.

This year’s gifts will play a key role—an essential role—in educating our state’s and nation’s future leaders, positively impacting their families and communities and helping to drive the economic and social prosperity of our great state.

Again, thank you for your extraordinary commitment to the CSU and its mission.

Mildred García, Ed.D.
The California State University