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March 2024​

  • ​2023 STEM-NET Student Summer ​Research Fellowship Recipients​ 

    Congratulations to our six Spring 2024 STEM-NET SoCalGas Student ​Research Fellowship
    ​ recipients.​​ We are thrilled to celebrate our undergraduate student awardees this upcoming April 26th! Join our Virtual Research Café to explore their groundbreaking projects​. ​​​

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June ​2023​

  • ​2023 STEM-NET Student Summer ​Research Fellowship Recipients​ 

    Congratulations to our 2023 STEM-NET Student Summer ​Research Fellowship
    ​ recipients.​​ ​​​

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May 2023​

  • ​2023 2023 Edison STEM-NET Student Research ​Fellowship Recipients​ 

    Congratulations to our 2023 Edison STEM-NET Student ​Research Fellowship
    ​ recipients.​​ ​​​

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April 2023​

  • ​2023 Spring STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship Recipients​ 

    Congratulations to our Spring 2023​ STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship recipients.​​ ​​​

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August ​2022​​

  • ​Road to Science Happiness​​​​ 

    Dr. Katy Rodriguez Wimberly is a Cal State Long Beach Physics graduate who has been passionate about science since she was a child. Yet, life challenges and decisions put her science dreams on hold for a long time. It was not until later in her adult life that she could finally dive deep into the science field she was deeply passionate about. Read about her journey here.​ ​​​

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June ​2022​​

  • 2022-23 STEM-NET Faculty Fellowship ​​​ 

    ​​Congratulations to our eleven 2022-23 STEM-NET Faculty Fellowship awardees. STEM-NET is excited to partner with their future STEM initiatives and proposal grant submissions.​ ​​​

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May ​2022​​

  • 2022-23 STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship Recipients​​ 

    ​Congratulations to our 2022-23 STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship recipients. ​​​

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April 2022​​​​

  • ​A Warm Welcome to Our New STEM-NET Student Assistant, Jesus Perez​​​ 

    Learn more about Jesus Perez and what led him to his academic interests, as well as more about his personal interests.

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March 2022​​

  • Cal State San Bernardino Physics Senior: Reflecting on the Past, the Present, and the Future​ 

    Joel Cortez immigrated from Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico, with his family at one-year-old with his parents. They escaped poverty and limited educational opportunities. Since he was a child, he understood the sacrifices his parents made for him and never took his life in America for granted. As a child, he enjoyed learning in school. In k-12, he gravitated toward science classes, and in college, he developed a passion for physics.​ ​.​​

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December​​ 2021​

  • Cal State Dominguez Hills Senior:​  Unveiling the Scientist Within Her 

    Maria De La Torre is a Cellular & Molecular Biology senior at California State University, Dominguez Hills who grew up thinking science was only for men until she was exposed to the Girls Who Code club and atten​ded college.​​ ​.​​

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November​ 2021​

  • ​Sonoma State Sophomore Builds her Own Path of Success​​​ 

    ​​Sonoma State student immigrated to America with her family with dreams of educational opportunities. Today, she is accomplishing her goals as a computer science student.​ ​.​​

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October​​​​​​​​ 2021​

  • ​The Educational Journey of Biology Student Apolo Ibanez​​ 

    ​CSUB senior is grateful to his immigrant parents and campus mentors who have helped him succeed in his biology dreams.​ ​​.​​​​

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September​​​​​​​ 2021​

  • ​CSUF Student Creates a ​Community to Succeed Academically​ 

    ​CSUF ​​student builds a strong rapport with her campus community and it made a positive impact on her academic life. ​​.​​​​

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August​​​​​ 2021​

  • ​Cal Poly Pomona Student Thinks Big Dreams Big 

    ​A junior​'s story of determination, drive and a BIG dream​​.​​​​

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June​​​​ 2021​

  • CSUSB Senior: Adapting and Excelling in Various Learning​ Environments  

    ​A senior's story of flexibility, resilience and succeeding​​ in a virtual learning environment​​.​​​​

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​​​​May​​​ 2021​

  • May 7th Edison STEM-NET Student Research Fellowship Symposium​​ 

    Highlighting ​our undergraduate students that presented their research through the Edison STEM-NET grant program opportunity​​.​​​​

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​​​​April​​ 2021​

  • San Francisco State BUILD Program Deepens Alumni's​ Personal Connection with their Health Research​ 

    SF BUILD program impact on San Francisco State Alumni.​​ 

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    Joi Lee​​​​​
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​​​​March​ 2021​

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​​​​January 2021​


​​​​November 2020​

  • Vikram Sai Kishan Sriram is Working on UAV-based Remote Sensing Techniques for Precision Agriculture and Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Farms ​

    Cal Poly Pomona student educational journey to aspiring to become a prominent professional in the autonomous robotics field.​

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    Vikram Sai Kishan Research

​​​​October 2020​

  • Alejandra Garcia: The Power of Self-Determination Along with Positive Guidance and Mentorship ​

    Alejandra Garcia is a first-generation college graduate. She received a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Cellular and Developmental Biology and minored in Chemistry from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). Her story is one of resilience and fortitude​.​

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    Alejandra ​Garcia
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​​​​​September 2020​

  • Engineering Senior Reflects on his Educational Journey at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo & Provides Senior to Wisdom ​to New Engineering Students​

    Bolaji Makinde-Odusola is a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He reflects on his educational journey and his future.​

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    Supporting STEM Students

​​​​August 2​020

  • Cal State Long Beach HSI-Program Manager is Dedicated to Supporting STEM Students

    Helen Barriere mission ​has always been to create a “positive student​ environment where students feel enthusiastic, encouraged, safe and inspired to add/contribute to the university in the most ethical and professional way.”

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    Supporting STEM Students

​​July 2​020

  • NSF Grant Award

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The STEM-NET affinity group worked diligently to build a team of CSU faculty members to develop a NSF RAPID proposal on reimagining upper-division virtual STEM labs.

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June 2020

  • Cal Poly Engineering Faculty and Students Impacting for Change

    ​Dr. Lauren Cooper an Assistant Professor within the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was on a zoom call with her student Sarika Singhal, a Mechanical Engineering Junior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, discussing the post George Floyd climate we are currently living in.

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