2023 Spring Edison STEM-NET Student Research Fellowship Symposium




​​​​​​​​Congratulations to our 2023 Spring Edison STEM-NET Student Research Fellowship Symposium. In partnership with Edison, STEM-NET has awarded 29 students $2,500 to conduct undergraduate research for the spring 2023 term. These funds support students conducting research under the auspices of a CSU faculty member. Towards the end of their research project, they will participate in a virtual event to present their findings on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at 9am. Learn more about them below.


Student Name: Anthony Agustin Trochez
College Level: Junior
Major: Earth Science BS
Minor(s): History, Business Administration
Department: Department of Geography and Earth Science
College: California State University Dominguez Hills
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Parveen Chhetri
Hobbies, Favorite Food, and Books: Guitar, Teriyaki, The Stranger and A Walk in the Woods
Research Interest: The Effects of Climate Change on our Natural World
Future Goals: "To get into a graduate program to further my education."


Full name: Brianna Ramirez  
College Level: Undergraduate Senior 
Major: Biology  
Department: Biology  
College: California State University, San Bernardino  
Family and Personal Background: "I have three siblings (two sisters and one brother). I also have a dog who is like part of the family. My boyfriend is my biggest support system."  
Hobbies and favorite food or books: (Any information you wish to share) 
"Dancing and playing musical instruments are my passion outside of science."  
Research Interest: Unsure 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis 
Future goals: "Get into a graduate program at CSUSB and ultimately obtain a PhD."


Full name: Bryan Fernando Cortes 
College Level: Senior 
Major: Computer Science 
Department: Computer Science and Engineering 
College: California State University, Fullerton 
Family and Personal Background: "I am a first-generation college student and the oldest of three of my siblings.  My parents came to this country before I was born with dreams for a better future, and I hope to bring that dream to light."   

Hobbies and favorite food or books: "I like to run whenever I get the chance and play the guitar, watch shows, read books such as “Three Days of Happiness,” or play video games alongside friends whenever I get the chance. I enjoy foods such as carne asada or pozole whenever possible.   
Research Interest: Focused on machine learning and using machine learning models to aid and provide awareness to others."  ​

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anand Panangadan 
Future goals: "Software engineering with hopes to branch and specialize down the road towards a machine learning career."  


Full name: Carolin Patino-Aguirre 
College level: Senior 
Major: B.S Geology, concentration: General Geology 
Department: Geological Sciences 
College: College of Natural Sciences 
Family and Presonal Background: "First-generation college student."  
Hobbies: Sewing; favorite food and dessert: shrimp fajitas and tiramisu​
Research Interest: Remote sensing in geology 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kerry Cato 
Future goals: M.S Engineering  


Full name: Carolyn Cueto
College Level: Senior- undergraduate student
Major: General Psychology
Department: Psychology
College: Cal State San Bernardino
Hobbies and favorite food or books: "I love to collect cacti. I love watching K-dramas." 
Research Interest: The effects of drug/alcohol use in adolescence into adulthood. 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leslie Amodeo
Future goals: "Receive a Master’s Degree and continue research about substances." 


Full name: Christopher J Pishaki 
College Level: Junior 
Major: Computer Science 
Department: Computer Science 
College: California State University - Northridge 
Family and Personal Background: "I come from a low-income, single-parent household and am proud to be a first-generation college student. Despite the challenges I've faced, such as my obsessive-compulsive disorder, I have found that my dedication and hard work have allowed me to excel academically. I am always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, and I have been fortunate enough to participate in undergraduate research during college. I am excited to see where my academic pursuits will take me, and I am committed to using my experiences to impact the world positively."
Hobbies and Favorite Food or Books: "As an avid hobbyist programmer, I am passionate about developing my skills and learning new programming frameworks. One of my favorite pastimes is creating small games based on random ideas - I make it a point to build one game every year. When I'm not programming, I enjoy reading books, and my current favorite is the second book in Frank Herbert's Dune series, Dune Messiah. Outside of my hobbies, I have a weakness for chicken parmesan - its my all-time favorite food." 
Research Interest: Machine learning and data analytics applied to environmental and energy systems. Development of energy-efficient computing hardware and thermal management techniques. Artificial intelligence applications in puzzle solving and game theory. 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xunfei Jiang 
Future goals: "As a lifelong learner and aspiring software engineer, my primary goal is to continue developing my skills and expertise in the field. I am committed to working hard and pursuing meaningful research opportunities that allow me to impact society positively. In the long term, I aim to become a leading expert in my field and contribute to developing innovative technologies that address critical societal challenges. While I understand that achieving these goals will require dedication and hard work, I am excited about the prospect of making a meaningful contribution to the field of software engineering and advancing the state of the art." 


Full name: Cindy Nguyen 
College Level: Senior  
Major: Biochemistry, with a minor in Biology 
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry 
College: California State Universit​y, Los Angeles 
Family and Personal Background: "I am a first-generation college student.My parents immigrated to the United States from Vietnam and worked labor-intensive jobs throughout my childhood to put food on the table. Despite their workload, my parents, particularly my mom, have always been invested in my education. I remember crying every day in the first two weeks of preschool because I didn’t understand English. Instead of being upset that she had to leave work and pick me up, my mom taught me how to read and write during her free time: when she got ready for work at 5 a.m. This routine continued for the next few years and expanded to include my weekly spelling lists and multiplication tables.  After a certain point, however, my mom told me I was on my own. As much as she wanted to help me, she couldn’t because her own education ended in 3rd grade when she dropped out to work on the family farm. Our mornings reading together were replaced with lessons about life. As I navigated high school and college for the first time, my mom would always encourage me to do my best. Whenever I went through stressful situations, such as taking the ACT and final exams, my mom would give me a pep talk the morning of the big day. As nervous as I might have been going into my exams, I would always get through it because I knew she was rooting for me. My biggest inspiration and supporter has always been and will always be my mom. From an early age, she cultivated my passion and enthusiasm for learning, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her."  
Hobbies and Favorite Food or Books: ' My favorite hobbies include reading, crocheting/knitting, and ceramics. I’m reading Tender is the Flesh by Augustina Bazterrica, but my favorite book of all time is On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong. As for crocheting, I’ve been making a lot of bookmarks for all the books I’ve started reading but have yet to finish; I like to read books out of order, then reread them from front to back. So far, I’ve made strawberry and rat bookmarks. Finally, ceramics is a relatively recent hobby I picked up last spring. I’ve grown to enjoy throwing on the wheel, and some of my favorite pieces are mugs and vases!" 
Research Interests: "Currently, I conduct research with antifreeze proteins in Dr. Wen’s lab at CSULA. My project involves using heat in the purification process of an antifreeze protein from the beetle, Dendroides canadensis to increase efficacy and efficiency. From this project, I’ve developed skills in protein expression and purification (e.g., affinity chromatography and SDS-PAGE). I’m interested in continuing with research in biochemistry and other related fields (e.g., bioinformatics).  

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xin Wen Future goals: After graduating, I plan to take a gap year and apply to MD/Ph.D. programs. During my gap year, I plan to continue my research project in Dr. Wen’s lab and explore other scientific fields. One upcoming experience I’m very excited about this summer is CSULA’s NASA GL4U bioinformatics training camp, which trains students in space biology and data analysis. "



Full name: Cristian Reynaga Gonzalez 
College Level: Undergraduate Junior 
Major: Physics 
Department: Physics and Astronomy Department 
College: California State University Los Angeles 
Family and Personal Background: As a first-generation college student, my objective is to bring pride and joy to my family. Previously, as an undocumented student, advancing my education beyond high school was an unattainable dream due to financial constraints. However, now that I am eligible for assistance, I am wholeheartedly embracing this opportunity with the ambition of earning a Ph.D. degree. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: I have a variety of hobbies that I cherish, such as playing the guitar, a skill I have cultivated for over a decade, immersing myself in horror movies, and delighting in quality time with my wonderful family. 
Research Interest Magnetic nanoparticles, organic pv cells, CO2 reduction; gas defussion electrodes 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Oscar Bernal and Dr. Armen Kocharian 
Future goals: My objective is to persistently engage in research, thereby enhancing my credentials as a formidable Ph.D. candidate. I aspire to complete a graduate program in physics and, upon obtaining my doctorate, endeavor to extend my research pursuits within the academic or professional sphere. 

Full name: Dalia Judith Arroyo  
College Level: Undergraduate Senior 
Major: Biology 
Department: Biology  
College: Cal State University San Bernardino  
Family and Personal background: "I am a first-generation Mexican American raised by hard-working immigrant parents and the first in my family to pursue a STEM degree."  
Hobbies and favorite food or books: "I enjoy watching TV shows, hiking, and gardening."  
Research Interest: "I want to better understand bioremediation methods and different pollutants' effects on plant populations."   
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lua Lopez, Assistant Professor, Biology 
Future goals: "My short-term goal is to continue this project and gain more research experience. However, I would like to enter a medical laboratory scientist program in the long term."


Full name: Daniel A Garcia Hernandez 
College Level: Senior 
Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Department: Mechanical Engineering 
College: California State University Northridge 
Family and Personal Background: Hispanic, born and raised in Mexico 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: "Creating and playing music at live venues."
Research Interest: Heat and Mass transfer 
Faculty Mentor: Shadi Mahjoob 
Future goals: "Working for a rocket propulsion laboratory." 


Full Name: Dennis Phillip Ayre 
College Level: Senior 
College: Mechanical Engineering 
Research Interest: VR/AI/Fluid Mechanics 
Faculty Mentor: Yitong Zhao 
Future Goals: To pursue a graduate degree focusing on thermal fluids and energy systems and further research the responsible use of AI to broaden educational access and improve outcomes for disadvantaged students. 


Full name: Enner Alberto Mendoza 
College Level: Junior 
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Department: Chemical & Materials Engineering 
College: Cal Poly Pomona 
Family and Personal Background: Enner is a first-generation and nonconventional college student. Enner dropped out of high school due to mental health issues and obtained his GED when he was 17. He began working in the banking industry and shortly after began attending community college in the evenings. He had a passion for learning but struggled in school. After he was diagnosed with ADHD and began treating his mental health, he succeeded in his academic pursuits and was accepted to Cal Poly Pomona in chemical engineering. His passion for sustainability and the environment led him to seek research opportunities. He was accepted to the STARS program and the McNair Scholars program at Cal Poly Pomona, where he joined a lab focusing on sustainability. His passion for research has motivated him to pursue a doctoral degree in chemical engineering. Enner will spend his summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in an REU, working on a project focused on kinetics and catalysis in chemical engineering. 

Hobbies and favorite food or books: Enner enjoys cooking, painting, and exercising. He enjoys performing activities where he can learn something new that mentally and physically stimulates him. ​

Research Interest:Enner is interested in researching energy, sustainability, and the environment. Topics of interest that captivate him are advancing the renewable energy industry through catalyst and electrocatalyst development with applications to biomass conversion, hydrogen fuel production, and decarbonization efforts. Enner envisions himself developing kinetic models and using computational tools to simulate transport phenomena in the design and scale-up of processes. 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alex John 
Future goals: After graduating, Enner plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and hopes to work in the industry before becoming a professor at a university. He would like to spend his graduate career researching an area in sustainability, apply his knowledge in the industry, and share his passion for the environment with other students in the future. He enjoys tutoring his peers and conducting research. He would find a sense of personal and professional fulfillment in a career where he could teach and conduct research. 


Full name: Erika Shirvanian
College Level: Junior 
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology, BS
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
College: Cal State Northridge
Research Interest: "Ionic reactions of acetylenic heptads mediated by cobalt clusters."
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gagik Melikyan
Future goals: "To work as a research scientist in a drug development company."


Full Name: Fernando Cerna 
College Level: Senior
Major: Computer Engineering 
Department: Computer Engineering 
College: California State University Fullerton 

Family and Personal Background: First-generation student 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: "I Love to play volleyball and work on robotics. I enjoy seafood."​​

Research Interest: Microcontrollers  
Faculty Mentor: Ankita Mohapatra  
Future goals: work with embedded systems in the medical field 


Full name: Ivan Magana 
College Level: Senior  
Major: Computer Engineering  
Department: Computer Science and Engineering 
College: Cal State San Bernadino 
Family and Personal background: 1st generation college student 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: I enjoy collecting and building various things  
Research Interest: Machine Learning, Robotics  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hayian Qiao 
Future goals: Work for a well-established company in either Robotics or Software Engineering 


Full name: Jasmine Suastegui
College Level: Senior
Major: Mathematics, Teaching Mathematics Concentration
Department: Mathematics
College: California State University, Fullerton
Family and Personal background: First generation college student.
Hobbies and favorite food or books: Learning to play instruments.
Research Interest: Education, Mathematics, and Chicano/a Studies. For this project specifically, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Undergraduate Mathematics.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roberto Soto
Future goals: Entering a teaching credential program after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. After teaching high school mathematics, my goal is to obtain a master’s degree and teach at a community college.


Name: Jessie Nguyen 
College Level: Senior 
Major: Biology 
Department: Biological Sciences 
College: California State University, Fullerton 
Family and Personal background: I am Vietnamese, first-generation college student. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and making pottery in my college course.  
Research Interest: I am interested in research that involves working with the analysis of genes to understand how immune mechanisms work.  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Catherine Brennan 
Future Goals: My future goal, in terms of research, is to continue this project by additionally cloning in a second fluorescent protein into the plasmid. In terms of my career, I hope to get into a CLS program to become a clinical lab scientist in the future. 


Name: Jonathan Olivares
College Level: Sophmore
Major: Computer Engineering
Department: Engineering and Computer Science
College: California State University, Fullerton 
Family and Personal background: I am a first-generation student from a family of five: two older brothers, a mother, and a father. My oldest brother is twenty-nine years old, and my second oldest brother is twenty-eight years old.. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: Before college, I was a small content creator who recorded and edited videos using various software. I was on the track and field team during elementary and middle school and the basketball team during middle school. Also, I am a car enthusiast and plan to own my dream car, a 2024 Mustang GT Dark Horse. 
Research Interest: A pluggable EV charger with voltage doubling through a phase shifter.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rakesh Mahto
Future Goals: My first goal is to graduate from Cal State Fullerton in the next two to three years and obtain my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Although the ideal time to earn a degree is four years, I do not mind taking an extra year since it is for my good by giving me more time for other opportunities and causing less stress. My second goal is to improve my time management skills. Time is paramount, and if I do not take advantage of it successfully, I will only stress more and have no free time to hang out with friends or go to the gym. My third goal is to gain any kind of experience, such as work or internship experience. For instance, a part-time summer job or internship opportunity is perfect and can significantly improve my resume. My fourth goal is to own a 2024 Mustang GT Dark Horse (or any Mustang GT after 2015) and a classic car, such as a 1964 Chevy Impala. As I mentioned earlier, I am a car enthusiast, and owning any dream car would be a dream. Finally, my fifth goal is to enjoy these next years as much as possible. To achieve this goal, I plan to go out with friends and family, explore novel places, learn new skills, and meet new people who will impact my life positively. 


Full name: Jose Antonio Tapia 
College Level: Senior
Major: Computer Science 
Department: Engineering & Computer Science 
College: California State University, Fullerton 
Family and Personal background: I am a first-generation Hispanic and the first college graduate in my family. My goal is to break barriers and pave the way for others. As the middle child within five siblings, I learned to appreciate the flexibility of both learning from others and teaching that information to those that need it. This heavily influenced my passion in helping others in the same ways I was taught, with some of my own wisdom. I have coached in many of the disciplines that I myself have participated in, including youth basketball, professional esports, and marching band! Within these I have won championships and performed at the highest level possible. I take these lessons with me as I move into my academic and professional career within AI/ML. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: On my off time, I love playing competitive games with my friends and going to Disneyland with my girlfriend. My favorite foods include ramen, sushi, and tacos. My favorite book is “WARRIOR of the LIGHT”, by Paulo Coelho. It was a gift given to me by a mentor to help me find inspiration even through the toughest of times. Above all, I like to remain competitive so I actively seek opportunities in esports and have been a part of teams including Tribe Gaming, Cloud9, and more!  
Research Interest: My current research interests are within AI/ML technologies that can assist people in ways that disrupt current markets. With my current project, the AI Coach for Video Games, I want to present data to a user that enables them to approach a game with the mindset of improving and enjoying the game. Current statistics sites present a ton of information for the user to interpret on their own, but I want to empower the user by providing them with actionable feedback. Future projects include a live streaming device that can help stream sports and using AI/ML it will create highlights, keep score, and give actionable feedback to a player.  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Doina Bein 
Future goals: I would love to join a company that believes in leveraging AI to empower a user. My short-term career goal is to join a company as a Data Scientist or AI/ML Engineer. My long-term goal is to be the Director of AI/ML for a company.  


Name: Joseluis Ahumada-Ceja            
College Level: Freshman
Major: Mechanical Engineering. 
Department: Mechanical Engineering Department. 
College: College of Engineering and Computer Science. 
Family and personal background: Latino family background raised in California. 
Hobbies, favorite food or books: Listening to foreign music, my favorite book: Fahrenheit 451, and favorite food: Gyro 
Research interest: The temperature change associated with plastic deformation in addition to Aerospace, combustion engines, and thermodynamics. 
Faculty Mentor: Professor Natalie Schaal. 
Future Goals: To intern at JPL, Lockheed Martin / Northward Grumman, or other aerospace companies to gain experience to become an aerospace engineer. 


Full name: Julian Okpara 
College Level: Senior 
Major: Aerospace Engineering 
Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
College: College of Engineering, CSU Long Beach 
Family and Personal background: Born in Italy but was raised in Nigeria and immigrate to the US in 2015. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: My hobbies include playing video games and traveling. My favorite book is the Trial by Franz Kafka. 
Research Interest: Sustainable Materials & Control Systems 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Navdeep Dhillon 
Future goals: Work and research on VLSI & Satellite communication 


Full name: Lisette Garnica 
College Level: Senior  
Major: I am majoring in Biology with the EEE option: Ecology, Evolution, and the Environment. 
Department: Biological Sciences 
College: California State University Los Angeles 
Family and Personal background: I am a first-generation Latina student from the central valley. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: I love traveling to new places, spending time with my family, and hiking outdoors. My favorite food is tacos.  
Research Interest: Plant sciences, specifically ecophysiological research 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christine Scoffoni 
Future goals: Enroll in a graduate program to become a University Professor in Plant Sciences and promote diversity in science and academia. 


Name: Luis Bravo 
College Level: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Department: Mechanical Engineering
College: Cal State Fullerton  
Family and Background: I am the oldest child of 3, living with a single mother, born and raised from an immigrant parent, and first to attend college. We are a low-income family which is why this scholarship is important to us. 
Hobbies: I like to do are play soccer, go bike riding, run, play video games, and hear/play music. Favorite food would have to be teriyaki chicken and burritos. I don’t read much but if I had to choose a genre, I would say mystery, adventure or exploration. I am better off with a Calculus book and solving problems.  
Research Interests: My research interests are in the biomedical field, finding out how sensors work, how coding is used in various ways, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Of course, this changes with time as I pick up more skills and knowledge.  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Sagil 
Future Goals: I am unsure about my future goals, which is why I was interested in this project. Aside from that, I am tutoring students, which I enjoy as well. I recently found a bright side for coding, so I plan on expanding my knowledge on that as well. With all these new skills I am picking up, and hopefully more in the future, I hope to find my passion in one or more of these fields and then work in that field in the future. My hope is to help or guide the next generation of engineers in any way.  


Full name: Mayrannee Diaz-Arias 
College Level: Undergraduate Senior 
Major: General Mathematics ​
Department: Mathematics 
College: California State University, San Bernardino 
Family and Personal Background: I am a first-generation college student so pursuing my degree has meant a lot to me. Mathematics is a subject I really enjoy learning, so I hope to continue my education and make my family proud. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: My favorite hobbies include going on hikes and working on creative projects like crocheting and painting. 
Research Interest: Combinatorics 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Aikin 
Future goals: Undecided yet but would like to continue studying mathematics. 


Full name: Nicholas J. Chan 
College Level: Junior/ 3rd year 
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Department: Chemical and Materials Engineering 
College:  California Polytechnic State University Pomona 
Family and Personal background: Child of Chinese immigrants. 1st gen college student. Developed interest in chemical engineering working with my father in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry. Born and raised in Nevada.
Hobbies and favorite food or books: Arc welding, Metal machining/fabrication, Working on cars (BMW and Honda especially), and U.S geography 
Research Interests: Process modeling, Water/Wastewater treatment, Biofuels. Energy harvesting and storage 
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Mingheng Li  
Future goals: Masters program for chemical engineering or material science


Full Name: Oswaldo Marroquin  
College Level: Senior 
Major: Civil Engineering 
Department: Engineering, Computer Science & Technology  
College: California State University, Los Angeles 
Family and Personal background: I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Having been surrounded by amazing structures that push the limits of what is possible was a great inspiration to me and led me to pursue a career in Structural Engineering. Engineering has always been one of my biggest interests as it allows for the implementation of mathematics and science to solve complicated issues that greatly affect the general population.  
Hobbies and favorite food or books: Some of my hobbies include cycling around the various cycling paths in Los Angeles, working out, hanging out with friends, and learning to cook.  
Research Interest: My research interests are within the field of structural engineering and fire safety. This includes modeling multistory buildings and simulating structure fires originating from different sources and determining the escape time, and survivability of occupants as well as the resilience of the structure. Research in this area is extremely important as it allows for the development of more effective fire suppression and detection systems.  
Faculty Mentor: Rupa Purasinghe 
Future Goals: Once I have completed my undergraduate studies in 2024, I hope to immediately enter the field and begin working alongside other Structural Engineers. I hope to one day be able to work at a Structural Engineering firm that will allow me to continue learning and challenge me to continue to improve as a Structural Engineer. I want to be able to work on a diverse set of projects, from large infrastructure projects to small residential buildings. Particularly, I hope to be able to work on a lot of projects within underrepresented communities such as that of South Central Los Angeles, where I grew up. This will allow me to contribute to the expansion and development of the communities that are often forgotten about. Because climate change is such a big issue and will greatly affect future generations, I also aim to contribute to a more sustainable built environment through the use of sustainable materials and practices through my work. 


Full name: Savena Soidara
College Level: Senior
Major: Physics
Department: Physics and Astronomy
College: California State University Long Beach
Family and Personal background: First Generation Laotian American
Favorite Activities: Snowboarding and skating
Favorite Food: Any food that is super spicy.
Research Interest: Fabrication of Monolayers Close-packed Nanospheres using Self-slope Assembly
Faculty Mentor: Jiyeong Gu
Future goals: To travel and try new foods.


Full name: Veronica Ceja 
College Level: Senior
Major: Psychology 
Department: Cognitive Psychology  
College: Cal State Dominguez Hills 
Family and Personal background: I am the daughter of immigrant parents, who sought asylum in the U.S. in 1980. I am also the 5th born out of my 5 siblings. I identify as a Chicana woman. I am a new mother, my son just turned 1 and his name is Lucas.  
Hobbies: My hobbies include reading nonfiction books on religion or poetry. I also enjoy journaling, dancing, creating art, and challenging myself to learn new things.
 Research Interest: My research interest is broad and is not limited by my major of choice. I am interested in taking part in human research experiments including behavior, genetics, and cognition. I am also interested in exploring the universe’s behavior through research studies including quantum physics
Faculty Mentor: Horace Crogman Ph.D.
Future goals: My future goal is to add a minor or a secondary major to my studies at CSUDH. This will allow me to grow my knowledge, skills, and curiosity. Therefore, improving my overall contribution to research experiments. 


Full name: William Blake Salazar 
College Level: Junior 
Major: General Physics 
Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy 
College: College of Science 
Family and Personal background: I am a first-generation student working towards being the first in my family to earn a Bachelor of Science in Physics and in Applied Mathematics. I have two older siblings. Both of my parents immigrated to the US from Mexico in hopes of earning a better life, and they have instilled the values of contributing and helping your community. It is my hope and goal to continue exploring the astrophysics field through my research opportunities and give back to the community that has helped guide me towards the path I have now set for myself. 
Hobbies and favorite food or books: My hobbies include building Lego structures and playing videos games on my Switch. From time to time I like to read, and the current book I am reading is titled Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin. My favorite food since childhood is Mac and Cheese.  
Research Interest: I am currently researching how the introduction of Gaia photometry data will impact current spectral energy distribution (SED) modeling. Working with the Spitzer/IRAC Candidate YSO Catalog (SPICY), our aim is to evaluate if the addition of the visible-light data can be used to better constrain the short wavelength end of the models.  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew S. Povich 
Future goals: In terms of short-term goals, over the summer I plan to conduct research at the University of Wyoming. I hope to gain the experience of researching at another school and learn about a whole different state and experience what the culture there has to offer. Long-term, I am looking towards pursuing graduate school, but I am also open to working in the private sector of the field if any opportunities arise.  


Name: Jose Anthony Garcia
College Level: Senior
Major: Geology
Department: Geological Sciences
Campus: California State University, San Bernardino
Family and Personal background: I am one of nine siblings and was raised by a single mother. I was born and raised in San Bernardino, California and I am the first of my family to attend college.
Hobbies include hiking, traveling, and reading. One of my favorite series of books is called “A series of unfortunate events”. I also enjoy furthering my knowledge with scientific articles and books pertaining to my subject of interest. I participate in sports such as running and football. My favorite foods include steak, hamburgers, and Mexican food.

Research Interest: The main research interest I have would be hydrology. With my interest in Hydrology, the presentation I plan to present is looking at the Impacts of Air Temperature on Suspended Sediment Concentrations in Glacial Streams.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Claire Todd. 
Future: Goals: My future goals include attending graduate school and potentially having a career in environmental remediation.