Brad Mendes, Fresno State

Brad Mendes smiling wearing a turquoise button up shirt

Brad obtained his undergraduate degree in animal science from Texas A&M and graduated from Fresno State in May 2016 with his master’s degree in animal science with a meat science focus.

Throughout his life, Brad’s parents have always been heavily involved in agriculture and his father is an animal science instructor in Modesto. Brad chose the meat science concentration because the coursework was strongest at Fresno State and it offered the most options.

Brad’s involvement in the ARI-funded research focused on the evaluation of the reduction of salmonella and E.coli in whole intact muscles. The ARI project provided him with a deeper understanding of meat science. During his project, Brad learned that looking outside the box for solutions to problems that occur during research is incredibly important and can lead to new insights to long-standing problems. In addition, Brad could see see the value of carefully controlling multiple variables to derive a clear understanding and interpretation of research outcomes.

Brad is currently working as a lecturer at Fresno State, focusing on introductory animal science courses and livestock evaluation.