Governance & Administration

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the policy and funding authority for the ARI. It consists of the four CSU presidents as well as the University of California Vice President for the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and four industry representatives. Under the direction of the board of governors, the institute's member colleges of agriculture respond collaboratively to the state agricultural industry's needs for applied research and technical assistance in both traditional and non-traditional agricultural environments. Meet the members of the current Board of Governors.

Executive Director

The ARI executive director reports to the Board of Governors and works collaboratively and consultatively with the Deans' Council on operational issues. He/she is responsible for the overall performance, promotion, growth, and financial and programmatic compliance and accountability of ARI programs.

Deans' Council

The Deans' Council oversees the respective campus ARI operations, including annual budgets and matching fund certification, and reviews System proposals prior to Board review. The Council consists of the deans from the four member colleges of agriculture. Meet the members of the current Deans' Council.

Campus Coordinators

The Campus Coordinators are responsible for campus daily administration and research project oversight.

Logistics Group

The Logistics Group consists of Campus Coordinators and research administrators at both the college and university/auxiliary level who provide day-to-day support for the ARI. Meet the members of the current Logistics Group.


The ARI Administration Office is currently housed on Cal Poly Pomona's campus.